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Seung-Hui Cho (January 18, 1984–April 16, 2007), also known as Cho Seung-Hui or Seung Cho was a mass murderer who shot and killed 32 people and wounded many more.The shooting rampage, termed the “Virginia Tech massacre,” took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University—commonly known as Virginia Tech—in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States.He committed suicide after law enforcement officers breached the doors of the academic building in which he had killed 30 of his 32 victims and wounded many more, both faculty and students. Cho was a South Korean national with permanent resident status in the United States and was a senior English major at Virginia Tech.

Fellow students described Cho as a “quiet” person who “would not respond if someone greeted him.” Student Julie Poole recalled the first day of a literature class last year, when the students introduced themselves one by one: when it was Cho’s turn, he did not speak. The professor, she said, looked at the sign-in sheet, and where everyone else had written their names, Cho had written a question mark. “We just really knew him as the question mark kid,” Poole added.

According to a CNN interview with both his roommates, Andy Koch and John Eide, Cho demonstrated repetitive behavior such as listening repeatedly to Collective Soul’s “Shine” and writing the lyrics “Teach me how to speak; Teach me how to share; Teach me where to go” on his dormitory room wall.

Andy described two unusual incidents, one in which Cho stood in the doorway of his room late at night taking photographs of him, the second in which he repeatedly placed harassing cell phone calls to Andy as “Cho’s brother, Question Mark”, a name Cho also used when introducing himself to girls with whom he was allegedly obsessed. Koch and Eide searched Cho’s belongings and found a pocket knife; they did not find any items that they deemed seriously threatening.

In the fall of 2005, Cho told Koch and Eide that he had an imaginary girlfriend he called “Jelly”, a supermodel that lived in outer space who called Cho by the name “Spanky”. Due to Cho’s troubling behaviours during 2005-06, Koch and Eide who had tried to befriend Cho, gradually stopped talking to him and told their friends, especially female classmates, not to visit their room.

Andy Koch and John Eide also stated that that Cho was involved in at least three stalking incidents, two of which resulted in verbal warnings by campus police. The first stalking incident occurred on Sunday November 27 2005.

According to Koch, after the incident Cho claimed that he had AIMed the girl online and found out where she lived. He then went to her dorm room to see if she was “cool”, but only found “promiscuity” in her eyes. Eide added that when Cho visited the girl he said, “Hi, I’m Question Mark” to her, “which really freaked her out.”

The girl called campus police; she complained that Cho sent her annoying messages and he had made an unannounced visit. Two uniformed members of campus police visited Cho’s dorm late Sunday evening and verbally warned him not to contact the girl again, no further contact was made.

The final stalking incident occurred on Tuesday December 13 2005. Cho frightened a friend of Koch by writing on her door board a line from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Act 2, scene II, in which Romeo laments to Juliet:

My name, dear saint, is hateful to myself… . Had I it written, I would tear the word.

The young woman contacted the campus police and again Cho was verbally warned. No further contact was made. Later on Tuesday, Cho texted Koch saying, “I might as well kill myself now.” Worried that Cho was suicidal, Koch contacted his father for advice and they both contacted campus authorities. The campus police returned to the dorm and escorted Cho to Carilion St. Albans Behavioral Health Center in Radford, Va.

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How to breach a door

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“ What will you do when it’s over”

“I have no idea”

“ Then what do you want?”

“Nothing….My people back…I can’t think past today”

This was  the most important exchange in this episode and one that explains everything. Lexa admired Clarke. She respects and might even love her but Clarke is not a leader. Not yet. A leader must always look at the big picture. Must always anticipate what is to come and what are the consequences of their actions. This is what Lexa does. Clarke has not learned this lesson yet. And this is not a problem for Lexa now. If anything this is an opportunity. She would gladly take Clarke with her and help her become the amazing leader she can be. But everything changes when she gets the offer from the Mountain Man. Why? It’s rather simple

They can’t win this fight. Clarke doesn’t realize this, Lexa does because she understands how war works. Breaching the door means nothing. Fighting in close quarters against someone with guns is a nightmare. Even the best trained and best equipped armed forces in the world would take heavy casualties. The grounders with their swords just would completely wiped out. As we saw shields wall don’t help and they will help even less when the defegers simply use a few grenade launchers and gas. It will be  a horrible battle of attrition that would end with at least 95% of Lexa’s army dead in case they get lucky and between themselves and the freed grounders in the Mountain they can overwhelm the soldiers. And this is the best case scenario where the Mountain Man don’t decide to launch missiles and wipe out half of the grounder villages as revenge. In any case it will be  Pyrrhic victory

And this is just the battle. Lexa also thinks about the political fallout from this. Her army will be gone, her villages will be left unprotected and their neighbors will come like hungry wolves when they sense their weakness. The alliance with the Sky People will fall apart after the huge carnage because the real butchers bill will be paid by the grounders

And yet she was willing to go through all of this and try and make it work because she knows that this their one chance to free themselves from the tyranny of the mountain. But when she receives the offer she has no choice but to accept because THIS IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR EVERYONE.  Yes it’s hars that the 44 will have to die but in exchange thousands will get to live. And this is not all. After saving so many of their people solely due to the efforts of the Sky People the grounders will feel indebted and ashamed. This is the kind of leverage that Lexa can use to bring a permanent peace between her clans and the Sky People. As for the Mountain Man …Lexa knows she can’t defeat them face on but she doesn’t have to because she is thinking long term. The Mountain Man are weaker then ever without their dam and acid fog and now with the Tone Generators the Reapers can’t be their enforcers a. As soon as the Mountain Man receive the treatment they will want to go outside and they are too weak to survive in our world. She can pick them off one by one. It may last years but between picking them off and sabotaging their supplies Lexa will get them all

So yes Lexa had no choice because on one side she had thousands of bodies and a very bleak future and on the other she sacrificed 44 people for a long term but much more certain victory. This was not being a traitor or being selfish this was Lexa being a good leader


Crystal was about to knock on the door when she heard it. A chirping sound… followed by a clicking skittering. Only one creature around here made that kind of noise. “Spiderant…” she thought, instantly pulling out a sidearm. She could only imagine that meaning one thing. Josh was in trouble. Looking through the windows, she couldn’t see any trace of either of them.
No time to waste, she thought, preparing to breach the door.

For some reason, Molly suddenly got up from her position half on Angel’s lap, making small skrees and then just jumping downstairs.

Angel gaped for a second, sliding on her mask. Maybe a skag in the garbage? Well, if it was that, then Mol would calm down in a few seconds. She’d smell the skag and know what it was and come back.

*Gavin Kills Ray*

Ray: Uh? What?! YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!! WHY?!?!!
Michael: Six fucking people left, you moron and you kill Ray?!?!
Ray: With a breach charge?!?! Open the door!!!
Michael: What is wrong with you? You fucking idiot! Just fucking stop!

March 19, 2015
Let’s Play - Rainbow Six Vegas Part 3

Jack: Hang on, Gavin is going to blow the door.
Michael: Yeah, he sure is.
Ryan: Why would you do that?
Michael: Cause he’s Gavin.
Gavin: Oh, I’ll take it off. I can take it off.
Michael: Breach the door Gavin. I can hear Ray screaming from here.
Ryan: I think I’m still really close to the door, I’d appreciate not being breached.

October 02, 2015
Let’s Play: Rainbow Six Siege Beta

U.S. Marines attached to 1st Platoon, C Company, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment - “The Lava Dogs” practice entering a room after breaching the door at Lava Viper aboard Pohakuloa Training Area, Hi., May 28, 2015. Combat Engineers and Assaultmen build different charges in order to breach through doors. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Ricky S. Gomez/Released)