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Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan for number 4 of the ask meme?

Shen Wei finds Zhao Yunlan camping out in Shen Wei’s apartment, and for a second, honestly thinks about using his powers to get himself the fuck out of there, but he can’t, because this Yunlan doesn’t know he’s the Black Cloak Envoy yet. 

“Stop avoiding me, Shen Wei,” Yunlan says, from where he’s sprawled out across Shen Wei’s couch. Normally, that would be a very familiar and very welcome sight. Today, it just makes Shen Wei want to flee. “I just want some answers, but no-one is telling me anything. Even Lao Chu said that he’ll only answer my questions if you allow it. What the fuck is going on?”

Shen Wei averts his eyes. He’s never learned how to lie to Yunlan properly. “I’m not sure what sort of answers you expect me to have,” Shen Wei tells him. “I’m just a university professor-”

Bullshit,” Yunlan snaps, jumping to his feet. “Look, I may have temporarily lost my memory, but it’s more than clear that the SID listens to you. That they trust you.”

Shen Wei tries very hard to keep from reacting, to not show how anguished he is at the mention of Yunlan’s memory loss. 

“Shen Wei, I might not remember you,” Yunlan says, coming closer to Shen Wei, “but my heart does.”

Shen Wei looks up at that. “I-”

Yunlan shakes his head. “My heart races when I see you, it aches when you leave,” Yunlan continues, gripping Shen Wei’s shoulders. “It’s telling me that you must be important to me, that I must love you. But you keep avoiding me, and I just. I just want to know.”

Yunlan,” Shen Wei breathes out, and then catches himself. He looks at Yunlan, ignores how the way Yunlan’s face falls makes Shen Wei’s heart break a little. “I think you must have the wrong idea,” he says, gently shaking Yunlan’s grip off himself. “I don’t have the answers you’re looking for.”

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“The best door in Paris, France
At 29 Avenue Rapp in the 7th arrondissement, very close to the Eiffel Tower. Built between 1899 and 1901, this Art Nouveau masterpiece by Jules Lavirotte is quite striking. The detailed door was designed by sculptor Jean-Baptiste Larrive and sculpted by a variety of others. If you happen to be in Paris, seek this beauty out!” Photo : W. Brian Duncan

Ok, so, Shag ‘n’ Scoob are running deeper into the spooky abandoned prison.

They enter a light brown door, which, when slammed…


…well, changes a bit.

Just an eensy weensy little bit.

They enter a second door…

which changes into an entirely different radically-different door.

The third door is a little extra emphatic…

…making the adjacent wall wiggle around like crazy…

…though the reverse side is–…

…wait, accurate?

Actual continuity? What is this?!

C’mon, Hannah-Barbera, no fair. You gotta give us something to work with, here!