My mickey mouse D&B bag. It’s a huge tote, so I love to use it as an every day bag. I put my daughters toys, diapers, wipes in it any still have plenty of room for my make up, sweater and plenty of other things I could use through out the day. I definitely suggest going with a Dooney tote bag if you’re a mother, or if you like to carry around a bunch of stuff. One because it’s still light, but it gives you TONS of space! It’s definitely a necessity of mine. 


I got the first three seasons of Gilmore Girls, a Coach wallet, a Dooney and Burke bag, a new camera, a bunch of giftcards, navy blue heels, a tennis skirt, a necklace from Ann Taylore, new lipstick, an American Eagle sweater, a Latin hat, and an IOU for the Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary concert!!! 

My mommy knows me too well!!