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Just wanna ask my Marvel Mom if she thinks the Hot Toys are worth buying. I know they're crazy expensive, so I'd only by Steve n Tony. I know if I did buy them, it'd be one of those "I regret it but not because now I have them" scenarios. Whaduya think?

*looks at Darth Vader statue, Funkos and Avengers Dooney & Burke purse*


I say, if you have the means, then go for it, if it makes you happy!  I’m of the Jay-Z line of thinking on these things.  If you can afford to buy it twice, you can afford it.  Disposable income is meant to do things that you like, so as long as you can afford it comfortably, then why not?  Just, you know, don’t not make your 401(k) contribution or buy groceries for the Hot Toys.  


So remember how we were talking about the Haunted Mansion Gift shop coming? Well the Disney Parks blog just released a TON of new haunted mansion merchandise that is coming. And they said this fall which is right around the time the yankee trader goes down for it’s long refurb/transformation into an HM dedicated gift shop. Oh and get that Dooney & Burke bag while you can!. Besides the bag there will be three new items from theme available for purchase in the parks as well as the bag in the photo!

My mickey mouse D&B bag. It’s a huge tote, so I love to use it as an every day bag. I put my daughters toys, diapers, wipes in it any still have plenty of room for my make up, sweater and plenty of other things I could use through out the day. I definitely suggest going with a Dooney tote bag if you’re a mother, or if you like to carry around a bunch of stuff. One because it’s still light, but it gives you TONS of space! It’s definitely a necessity of mine. 


I got the first three seasons of Gilmore Girls, a Coach wallet, a Dooney and Burke bag, a new camera, a bunch of giftcards, navy blue heels, a tennis skirt, a necklace from Ann Taylore, new lipstick, an American Eagle sweater, a Latin hat, and an IOU for the Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary concert!!! 

My mommy knows me too well!!