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There is a natural order to this world, and those who try to upend it do not fare well. This movement will never survive; if you join them, you and your entire family will be shunned. At best, you will exist a pariah to be spat at and beaten-at worst, to be lynched or crucified. And for what? For what? No matter what you do it will never amount to anything more than a single drop in a limitless ocean.

     W h a t  i s  a n  o c e a n  b u t  a  m u l t i t u d e  o f  d r o p s ? (Cloud Atlas dir. Tom Tykwer, Lana & Andy Wachowski)

So here’s one of the big things I love about Sense8 (the second season of which I just finished watching): Every one of these character arcs would make a terrific movie on its own. Pull out the psychic connection and umbrella plot, and each one of the stories is still compelling viewing. Not without flaws, but still amazing. It’s like the MCU, only there are also queer folks and the women get their own movies and get to talk to each other.

Dying already to see the next season.