monoklok I have finished〜 The outlines are so thin it was a little challenging to color them, but I loved every single pixel of them! This scene is so cute it gave me lots of emotions ;;
The location is still a hospital, but it’s Dethklok’s hospital so I have put a shade of red! It was a honor to get to color such a masterpiece ;; Hope you like it ♡


Gears, Klokateers and all my fellow Metalocalypse fans,

Please spread this around. I’m starting up the “squeaky gears” part of the campaign again and this is the first post about it. Last time I started making a fuss about getting Metalocalypse it’s much deserved final chapter every huge metal band in the world ended up joining in. But it was very difficult to get my fellow fans to jump in and help out in the beginning. Please don’t make me work myself half to death this time.

First action: reblog this. This tumblr has A LOT of followers and the future of Metalocalypse needs you guys. Later on I’ll start collecting tweets for people who don’t have twitter accounts so I can tweet for them but for now SPREAD THIS POST LIKE WILDFIRE!

If you do tweet please go have a polite word with and let them know: we aren’t irrational demanding assholes and we aren’t asking for Metalocalypse to go on and on forever! We all simply believe it deserves it’s final chapter.

Let them know. Often. Repeatedly. Frequently. Hourly (if you can!)

Thanking you all in advance for helping and also for not being snarky and cynical as it just makes it way too much work for me. I’ll be beyond grateful for your help.

\m/ (•ᴗ•) \m/