The final touches of my LEGO airship are coming along swell!

External image

External image

The Fireflower stained-glass window, with the lights off!

External image

External image

Coming soon: a full photo session of the final completed airship, and two more LEGO-Nintendo geek projects – a light-up lamp of a Mario question block, made of clear pieces (like the stained glass window), and a Transformer, that goes from robot to NES Zapper pistol and back; all LEGO, all made by me! Stay tuned, kiddies!

-Baron von Brunk


The Fireflower”, the official name of my forthcoming Super Mario Brothers 3 airship! Here are some more work-in-progress photos of the stern, the command bridge, the stained glass window & mosaics for the captain’s lair, and the warp pipe! Unlike other Super Mario LEGO warp pipes I’ve seen around the net, mine is round and hollow, not square nor solid – meaning, it virtually conforms to the proper shape from the game, and has the ability of dropping objects through it like a real pipe. The pipe shall serve as the entry to the captain’s room, where the invading opponent [Mario/Luigi] would enter and fight the Koopaling! In my personal captain’s room, the walls shall be decorated with Super Mario 3 pixel art almost like Byzantine Greek icons!

I’m still accruing more and more pieces for this project, and as of this entry, the total reddish brown piece total is 2,518. Still to come are the central portions of the ship, such as the metal girders, propellers, jet engines, cannons and crew deck. Hopefully when this titan is completed by the end of December, I’ll definitely showcase it at a public art exhibition in Manhattan for a first-Friday gallery – maybe… Stay tuned, kiddies!


“The Wreck of The Fireflower.”

Rather than cluttering my spare room – and to convert it into a workstation, I’ve dismantled the legendary Fireflower airship and stored its partially intact wreckage in a giant 47-gallon plastic storage tote. I can’t predict when I’ll move into a new house/apartment where my ship can be rebuilt and put on permanent display (where I’ll also increase the size, now that I won’t be limited to tabletop space). Also perhaps a toy store or gallery here in New York will gladly take this ship off my hands, and I’ll certainly rebuild and donate it to their space! (hint hint, FAO Schwarz, if you’re reading this…)

In the fourth photo, you’ll see a large side panel that was accidentally torn off the side of the stern following the initial photo shoot in February. If you recall, once Roz and I wrapped up the session, the kick bar that was propping up the trapdoor hinge of the roof fell off, and a chain reaction of the hinges ripped off the entire starboard side of the ship’s cabin!

With the tabletop space now saved, I’ll have plenty of room to work on my next LEGO/Nintendo related project – which shall be one of my biggest and most ambitious projects to date. Stay tuned…

-Baron von Brunk


I would say the ship is about ~65% done, give or take. As seen here, the ship is divided into separate large sections that’ll be protruded apart, much akin to Lemmy Koopa’s airship at the end of World 6. The middle portion will be a flatbed deck with crates, which shall camouflage the MP3 sound system that plays the Mario 3 airship song on a loop!


And The Baron said, “Let there be light: and there was light.”

The stern of the ship almost complete! Over 4,000 pieces! (and wiring exposed)

Using a 12v 6 Watt light bulb powered by a 9v battery, I was successfully able to efficiently illuminate the innards if the captain’s room. Behind the room is a secret annex where I’ll install a mini MP3 player that plays songs via micro SD cards – and to answer your questions, yes, I plan on looping the airship theme constantly when this is unveiled!

Greetings From Atop the Ship's Warp Pipe!

Here’s my imitation of that iconic photo of the construction workers sitting on the girder structure of the Empire State Building…

My dirty secret: I hired independent contractors to do the plumbing in my ship, and look who I ended up using! Hopefully those two brothers don’t sabotage my men’s room urinal.

Below: The completed fireflower stained glass window!

Below are some more work in progress photos of my ship, namely the transparent stanchions to create the illusion of hovering in midair!

As of now, I’m awaiting a few more bulk parcels of LEGO bricks in the mail, hundreds of parts total – in order to make the final touches. More transparent stanchions will be used to raised the sections higher off the ground, and more divisions with cannons & propellers will be suspended from above the middle portion of the entire vessel.

I’m trying to aim for the end of January to finish the whole project. Step 1) Finish the damn ship! Step 2) Hire my friend Roz to photograph the ship from different angles, in order to make promotional images and prints for sale. Step 3) With the fancy new photos taken, I’ll plug this site and its content all across the internet! Step 4) Arranging to have my ship displayed in a public art gallery in the SoHo Gallery for Digital Arts! Step 5) Conquering the Mushroom Kingdom!

Current piece total: Over 7,000 LEGO bricks!

- Baron von Brunk


More work in progress photos of my LEGO Super Mario Bros. 3 doomship!

The entire pile of brown pieces for the bulk of my upcoming airship! And to prove this isn’t an image I stole elsewhere (i.e., to prove that this pile belongs to me, directly from my personal LEGO stash), here’s a famous arm you all recognize! I’m going to sort through and count each individual part – starting with brown bricks – and then keeping a close tally of how many total pieces are in the final project. This pile alone is estimated to be in the quadrupole digits.

UPDATE: Current brown brick tally - 2,114! Also, the bow of the ship is almost finished. Next comes the command bridge and stern!