doomsday commentary

Four To Doomsday Commentary Highlights

With Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton, Matthew Waterhouse

Janet - (to Peter) I was on tour when you were announced, and I had never seen All Creatures Great and Small because in those days you didn’t have video recorders…
Peter - No, no.
Janet - And, um, I’d always been working in theatre. People [were] going “oh, you lucky thing!” You know, all these women…
Sarah - (laughing) Who is this person?
Janet - “You lucky thing”…and I’m going, “who is this person? Who is this sex god?” -laughs- But actually, it just turned out to be Peter Davison.
Peter- That’s me, sex god.
All - (laughter)


Peter - …I’ve got a lot of lead in my pencil, you’d be amazed.
Matthew - Oh! Which of course reminds me of the subject of condoms…
Peter - Oookay.
Matthew - …which we are going to bring up… -laughs- regarding…
Sarah - (laughing) Well, you might, Matthew.
Peter - The what? The subject of what?
Janet - Oh dear, I can hear them rolling back the tape now…
Matthew - (struggling to speak due to laughter) No! In Sta- In Stratford John’s costume!
Janet - Oh. All the joints in Stratford John’s costume needed to move, to breathe; so they put, they put…
Peter - Yes, Janet?
Janet - They used condoms for the join.


Peter - Look! I’ve got my arm around Matthew here. Now this is the one thing that I couldn’t do to either of my female companions.
Janet - Yes, there’d be none of that snogging stuff that goes on now.
Sarah - (chimes in) Oh, no.
Janet - Every time you turn around, they’re snogging!
Matthew - What? Doctor Who and the girl?
Janet - Yeah.
Matthew - Doctor Who and the companion…
Janet - Yeah!
Matthew - …are snogging?… Really?
Peter - Are they?
Sarah - Times have changed, eh?
Janet - David Tennant… -exhales-
Peter - Well, he snogged someone else, he didn’t snog the companion. He didn’t snog Billie.
Janet - Well, Chris Eccelston. Chris Eccelston was snogging away…
Sarah - Billie Piper?
Matthew - (echoing) He snogged Billie Piper?
Janet - Yeah!
Peter - He snogged, yeah he snogged John Barrowman.
All - (laughter)
Peter - No, he did, it’s true! Trust me.
Matthew - Snogging John Barrowman, that’s the equivalent of putting your arm around an actress.
Peter - Now, David Tennant kissed the other, the girl who played in one of the stories… the one about the French um…
Janet - Oh, Madam Pompador.
Peter - Yes. Yeah, so he, so he snogged… I’m sorry, we’re getting off subject here. It’s Four To Doomsday part four and things are getting interesting! The Aborigines are dancing, Matthew and I are hugging…

[Note, this commentary was recorded in Nov 2006; many snogs were still yet to come.]

Matthew - I’m sure that your celery has grown. Look at that enormous qu-[inaudible]
Peter - It grows when I’m insulting my companions.
All - (giggling)
Janet - I think your celery should’ve talked. I think that would’ve been good. It could’ve been another companion, the celery. I think the celery a) should’ve had billing b) should’ve been able to talk and it could’ve been another companion.
Peter - I think… I do think they should’ve…
Janet - One more [companion] wouldn’t have mattered!
Peter - I think they missed a merchandizing opportunity.


Janet - Whenever we’re in doubt, you discover some new capability you’ve got. If only real men were like that!
(Janet and Sarah laugh, Matthew joins them a second or two later.)
Matthew - Please!
Peter - Ah. Those two hearts pumping, that’ll be enough for you.
Sarah - Well that would do it.
All - (laugh)

Janet - What’s happening there Pete?
Peter - I… I… I can’t breathe!
[The Doctor continues to hyperventilate on screen.]
…I think that’s all is happening there.
Sarah - (suggestively) You never know.

One of the biggest complaints I have heard for BvS is that they trinity didn’t talk it out before the Doomsday fight.

I’m sorry what?????

Let’s catch up and know everything about each other and hope that Doomsday is playing with butterflies in the corner waiting for us to get over ice breakers and come fight him. Like seriously?

I loved the scene because they come together and they get the basic level of information out needed to fight doomsday and get to it. And they include wonder woman without hesitation because Bruce and Clark thought she was the other one (Is she with you?). And honestly, why the hell would they deny the extra help. And they fight in sync because they are the damn trinity! Each of them now there limits. How is getting down and dirty a bad thing?

They don’t need book reports on each other’s life before they fight. They see the threat, they trust each other to fight the threat. Formalities are for later not during impending doom!

  • David: I get really annoyed with scenes where actors are on phones and there's evidently not enough time for the person on the other end to say what they said.
  • Billie: It's a pet hate...
  • David: That and looking-at-the-phone acting. I hate when a director says, 'Hey, just give the phone a look before you hang up.' No! Nobody in the world does that! Who looks at the phone? Somebody hangs up and YOU JUST STARE AT THE RECEIVER.

I started watching this thinking “Well they’re just commenting and having a laugh about it. It won’t be that bad.” Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.