Doomquest is one of my favourite Doctor Doom team-ups by far. I stumbled upon it and one of its sequels while browsing at my local comic book store a few months back and I still absolutely adore it.

So what is Doomquest?

Well, Doomquest is a story arc in the Iron Man comics where Iron Man and Doctor Doom team up after accidentally falling into the time of King of Arthur via Doom’s time machine.

Doomquest is: Iron Man 149-150

BUT then it does continue later in the two-part arc named “Recurring Knightmare,” except instead of travelling back in time, Iron Man and Doom travel to the future.  

This fabulous sequel is collected in: Iron Man 249-250.

If you really like Doomquest and its sequel, I definitely recommend buying this collected edition, which usually costs you around 10 bucks: