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Non, mais t’es malade! C’est adorable!!! XD OMG I like more Norther and Western French accents cause you can sometimes tell that that accent and the Québécois ones have the same roots. :) Tu dois sonner cute à mort!

Ahahahahahaha! Non, c'est loin d'être cute, comme tu dis. De toute manière, comme je n'aime que les garçons étrangers, ça ne pose pas de problème! Par contre, j'adore l'accent québécois!

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ok let me just point out how cute that gif is god

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How the hell did you get your hands on that? :(, there you go :) I also await for the tee and poster, which are now only available in us, wtf…

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1. What are five songs you couldn’t live with but aren’t by your favourite artist/band?
That’s tough. 1) ママが僕をすててパパが僕をおかした日 by cali≠gari (even though that’s cheating because they used to be my favorite band), 2) Welcome Home, Son by Radical Face, 3) All Men Are Pigs by Studio Killers, 4) Bright Whites by Kishi Bashi, and 5) City Boy by Donkeyboy
(oops I read the question as “couldn’t live withOUT.” Oh well.)

2. If you acted in a TV show, what kind of show would you like it to be?
Dramatic comedy.

3. Name three of the best concerts/plays/cultural events you’ve ever been to.
1) Sigur Rós in Philadelphia, 2012, 2) Of Monsters and Men in Atlanta, 2012, and 3) Samúel J. Samúelsson Big Band at KEXPort Block Party 2013 was one of the most fun, spontaneous shows I’ve ever seen
(all Icelandic bands, oops)

4. What are you the most addicted to?
Long term: music. Right now: knitting.

5. What appeals to you about the place you most want to visit at the moment?
Welfare, fantastic education for relatively little money, and a fantastic city atmosphere.

6. If talent, brains, money, confidence weren’t an issue, what job would you have?
I’d be a researching-clinical-psychologist-one-man-knit-factory-photographer who plays in a band and translates literature on the side.

7. What is one of the worst books you’ve ever read? Why?
Cloned Lives by Pamela Sargent was pretty horrible. I don’t even know where to begin as to why. Basically it was a perfectly normal sci-fi book and then suddenly you’re reading an incestuous sex scene between clones.

8. What is the last movie you saw?
Battle Royale.

9. What three languages do you most want to learn?
Fluency in Icelandic, Danish, and maybe Russian as the third one.

10. Tell me a quote or song lyric that means a lot to you.
It changes yearly. This year I think it’s “What are we waiting for? Just pick up your shoes and go.” Defining my year.

11. What kind of relationship do you have with your parents?
A decent one. I can tell my mom anything, but I hardly ever see/talk to my dad. To sum up my relationship with my dad: “Hey, can you give me guitar lessons?” “Sure.” *gives guitar book and disappears into the basement*

My questions:

1. Describe your ideal life, including ideal spouse/pet/child/whatever.
2. Choose a song or two that describes this year.
3. Favorite and least favorite body parts.
4. If you were trapped in a video game for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
5. Is there anything right now that would make your life feel complete if you had it? If so, what is it?
6. Do you know how to make coffee?
7. Do you prefer learning or working?
8. If you were an animal, describe what you would look like.
9. Number one band/artist you want to see right now.
10. What is something you have always wondered about but never found an answer to?
11. Are you happy?

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Hello beautiful person, you, who posts the most amazing Sigur Rós stuff! You may laugh at me for asking this, but I have to: That picture of Sigur Rós with their shirts off and Kjarri clearly looking at Jónsi's goods, is that Photoshopped? It's too small and I can't tell. If it isn't, where did you originally find it? Is there a bigger version somewhere? What about all those Jónlex gifs, what videos are they from? Thank you so much! I love your Tumblr! (Friday is SO Orri day...)

Oh this message makes me giggle aww

Well, as far as I know, yes the famous sauna photo(s) are real, not maniped, and this is as high res as i can find of the one you mention. There is another, though very rare and I’m not sure where to find it, I’ll just take a peek on sigurlol (in any case sigurlol is the best sigur blog to check out anyway because omg the lawlz, we have the funniest fandom I swear).

Oh yes, they had it, the second sauna photo here.

óóóóó for Jónlex lovin’, try my Jónsi & Alex masterpost, which has some videos. I can make a hugeass list in a separate post for you to reblog if you like, or save to your drafts to keep it safe and findable? I mean, I had been working on one anyway, so here’s a bit of motivation for me to finish it tonight :)

Thank youuu and Happy Orri Friday!

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HAHA I think it’s come to the point that I’m going to try to stop thinking about it and just buy it tomorrow.

(Let’s be real though, the main reason I am spending these $80 instead of the $15 for the movie alone is just for that tiny square of clothing, and I don’t even know which bit it’s going to be… oh my god I don’t even care I just WANT IT)

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haha well I thought they were brain scans from a birds eye view, but now I’m looking closer and wtf is that. like fingers pulling the skin off a face?!?!?!?!

Yeah, they’re definitely hands, but it looks so peculiar! I think it’s meant to look like a brain scan, too, but why the hell? There’s like no explanation, oh my god. The closer I look, it starts to seem like zippers, or bugs, or hearts, or something. Oh yeah, and it’s $62 for the three of them. SIXTY-TWO DOLLARS. And we don’t even know what they’re really meant to be! (Damn it, Sigur Rós)