Also, it’s cool to learn how future cosplays from Doomguys all over the world can’t be affected by hypothetical prop gun bans.

Sure, you wouldn’t be allowed to carry shotguns and BFGs, but remember, Doomguy is also known for punching stuff into small piles of putrid debris.

I mean, you just can grab a pair of black gloves, coat them with red paint and make a berserk pack. And you’re set!

I cant stop thinking about the fact that, during the oblivion crisis, the Argonians in Blackmarsh kicked dagon’s ass so hard, they launched a counter-invasion into Oblivion, and forced the daedra to start closing their own oblivion gates to keep the argonians out
And keep in mind, Dagon’s plane of Oblivion is the Deadlands, literally hell

You basically had a bunch of Lizard Doomguys launching an invasion on Hell

UAC Demonic Entity Log: 008- Revenant

Another instance of demonic forces being combined with UAC technology were what the research team called Revenants. At an average height of 10-11 feet, Revenants were found to be a race of giant men, whose animated corpses were responsible for a lot of construction work in Hell itself, their size and strength exploited for slave-labor. A lot of this involved heavy lifting of raw materials, resulting in their arms being outstretched. Aside from this, their muscle and skin tissue (and even the presence of internal organs) seem to be slowly, but constantly regenerating, as if Hell kept them in a state of temporary decomposition. Once through the Hell-Gate, a shroud of metal enveloped much of their shoulders and torsos, mounted with miniature rocket or fragmentation grenade launchers, some with homing capabilities. Though this high amount of firepower alone makes Revenants a force to be reckoned with, their long arms and sturdy hands have turned them into excellent fist-fighters, just as devastating in close-combat.

Note 008-01: Though many human lives have been lost to the Revenants, they have been spotted attacking their own allies, perhaps in defiant retaliation to their masters.

People are like “Doomguy is a murder machine with no feelings and his only pleasure is murder”

And I’m like “Dude ended up in this fucked up situation because he was disgraced after refusing to open fire on innocent civilians back on Earth, would rather sacrifice himself if it meant saving what’s left of humanity and had a pet bunny named Daisy”

UAC Demonic Entity Log: 004- Cacodemons

Though many of the demonic specimens that were collected were easy to spot, being grounded, large airborne creatures began to spring up on the Phobos base and were much more difficult to procure. The first of these seen were what the research team called the Cacodemons, a name derived from the greek kakodaímōn meaning “Evil Spirit”. Cacodemons’ anatomy acts like that of a hot air balloon, with an internal source of heat that makes the oxygen inside of the creature less dense than that outside of it. Because of their hollow bodies, Cacodemons are very light-weight and aerodynamic, though their skin is unusually resilient and thick. Adorned with a crown of thorn-like spikes and possessing a singular eye, Cacodemons tend to be seen in more open areas like that of foundries and outside of the base itself, slowly floating at their leisure. The Cacodemon’s blue-colored insides reveal a uvula that can generate an intense amount of electricity, able to spew projectiles of suspended plasma at an opponent.