doomed john egbert

Why doomed John Egbert is incredibly tragic.

So while re-reading homestuck I noticed something about doomed john.

His corpse was apparently burned.

But his denizen uses wind powers. 

So I was thinking, when does air burn you? And it hit me. 

Steam. Doomed John was boiled to death. 

And remember, his denizen gave him the choice between being allowed to leave fine and living out his days in a doomed timeline, or sacrificing himself so that dave becomes davesprite which allows the alpha universe to exist. John Egbert cares enough about his friends that he gave his consent to being BOILED ALIVE to let them win the game.

Johndave week- day 4

Alternate Timeline



and it’s already friday at my place oh dear

let’s just say davesprite met the John from his doomed timeline inside a dreambubble

(though of course this is bullshit since when John finally regained his memory Lord English immediately burn him) (but whatever let me live in my dream okay)

DAY 1: Favorite Canon Interaction 

ok but theyre holding hands i swear

also here’s the non flashy version

adding to the last post

im not sure that john becoming unstuck has freed him from the rules of paradox space

and that because of




that when those miles spear john

and i really think they will

that youll see something similar to this

since its johns fault that the doomed timeline were witnessing exists

because by popping up there and not just hiding

and just paradoxing like he doesnt give a shit

all of his friends are fucking dead

(i feel like maybe i should clarify i dont especially think alpha john is going to die a just death here? i mean, he might. mainly im thinking the john whos going to die is the doomed john whos from that doomed timeline)