doomed by canon

UF Skeleton Snippet

these particular boys are still my brain’s flavour of the month apparently. it can’t work itself around writing an actual fic to save its life but damn does it have a lot of this garbage lying around

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Yeah, Emma might have peered over the edge of that cliff to see Cruella lying on the outcrop of rock below.  And Cruella might not have been breathing.  She might have even been at awkward angles, her legs and arms shattered and her pelvis bent oddly, just like her neck.  She might have even not moved for so long that everyone thought she was dead and just left her there.

But what if…what if there was water in that ravine below?  What if there was a stream or a river or something that could carry a queen of the sea in it?  What if the queen’s tentacles reached upwards and gently cradled Cruella’s body in their strong yet gentle touch?  What if Ursula began to sing a song of such beautiful, blistering pain that it choked her, closing her throat, stifling her voice and making her eyes prickle?  What if Ursula wept salt tears over Cruella and put a hand to her cold cheek, inwardly swearing revenge on whoever did this? And what if one of those tears fell onto Cruella’s skin; what if Ursula leaned down and kissed her; what if that was enough to break any curse – enough to breathe life back into something that everyone thought was dead?

If this show is really about true love, then why should that be the sole province of the heroes?  Why shouldn’t true love ALWAYS be justified, even if it’s for these two?

Yeah. That’s what really happened.  And I will not be moved on it.  I might even write it.

Liz: Blah blah blah… Tom, blah, blah, Agnes, Tom, us… Blah, Cuba, blah blah blah…

The Trio’s Thoughts:

Samar: I want to literally punch you in the face. Like, no lie… I actually hate you now and couldn’t care less what happens to you.

Aram: I’m grrrrr!!!! So angry! I still want to hug you, but it’ll be a tense, angry, “you really hurt my feelings” hug… But I’m still mad too.

Ress: You seriously are an idiot. You AND Tom. I actually don’t even know why you’re in the Post Office right now.

Red: I’m so over this shit that I’m at my Bethesda apartment watching Grey’s with Dembe and eating ice cream.

Liz (obliviously droning on): Blah blah blah Tom, blah, oh Reddington how you RUINED my life!!! Tom, blah, blah, Agnes, blah blah blah…