It only takes watching a few episodes of Star Trek to notice that Enterprise crew members dressed in red shirts tend to meet horrible fates, and fairly quickly too. Their untimely and numerous deaths were used to illustrate the jeopardy faced by the main characters.

Cosplayer CaptCash attended this year’s Comic-Con dressed as a redshirt, a brave yet reckless choice, because his uniform pretty much guaranteed that he wouldn’t make it out of the convention in one piece. Sure enough, he met with plenty of peril, ranging from malfunctioning transporters and dangerous Klingons to Rule 63 Han Solo, powerful Mutants and even a surprisingly aggressive Tribble.

Although he certainly looked worse for wear, somehow this redshirt managed to survive every potentially deadly encounter, which either makes him the luckiest or longest-suffering redshirt ever.

Click here to view CaptCash’s complete Red Shirt photo gallery.

[via Fashionably Geek]

John Romero continues to demonstrate his position as the God of Doom by releasing all of the original files, source files, backups, and even a few design notes of the original Doom levels. He also releases the source code for DoomEd, the mapping software that everyone at id Software used!

While this sort of stuff is packed full of lingo and obscure file formats, this is still a definitely news for any Doom fan! I can already think of a few people (cough the-goddamn-doomguy cough kinsie) that could do a whole ton of stuff with this.

Doomed Gallery and The Photocopy Club presents

ZINE WORLD, Photography edition.
With self publishing, DIY culture and photography ever growing around the world,Doomed Gallery and TPC have come together to present a world wide exhibition of photographic zines. Building an exhibition platform and community for photographers to share their images in the zine format to people and places that may not get the chance to see them.
This call out for submissions is for photographic zine makers, from every corner of the globe. The exhibition will take place in June 2015 at Doomed Gallery in London. Doomed and TPC will then work with other independent galleries around the world to keep this amazing exhibition of zine making on the right track to be seen by as many people as possible.
Please spread the word and support the project in any way you can.


22–25 January 2015 @ DOOMED GALLERY

Thursday 18:00–21:00 (with a party after) Friday 16:00–20:00
Saturday – Sunday 12:00–20:00

22–25 January 2015

DOOMED GALLERY is pleased to present an exhibition by emerging Japanese photographers curated by SPACE CADET and STAY ALONE, two notable independent organisations in the contemporary photography scene in Japan.

Since the 60s, Japanese photography in the west is often associated with the Provoke movement and other post-war photographers such as Nobuyoshi Araki and Daido Moriyama. Whilst these photographers have had a great influence on many, they can overshadow contemporary photographers and artists in Japan today. The aim of this show is to renew the impression of Japanese photography, hopefully proving that the Japanese photography scene is just as vibrant with ideas now than it was in the past.

“New Japanese Photography” brings together works by various fresh and upcoming photographers from Japan with a showcase of photobooks and installations by selected artists. In addition, a slideshow will present work from nearly 100 different Japanese photographers throughout the show.

There will be a book signing by Naohiro Utagawa and Yukihito Kono on the opening night on the 22nd January, 7:00 pm at the gallery. Also limited edition print sets and books will be available at the gallery during the show.

SPACE CADET is an online gallery curated by Masayoshi Suzuki. The site was launched in 2011 with the purpose of introducing new Japanese photography to the rest of the world. Showcasing a variety of contemporary photography from their gallery.

STAY ALONE was launched in 2013 by Japanese photographers Suguru RYUZAKI and Yukihito Kono as a platform and publishing house for independent artists. The concept behind each issue is one of self containment, with each issue being autonomous and purely edited by the artists featured within it. Working on a rolling basis, each artist then selects who will be in the subsequent issue. Creating something truly original and organic free from external constraints.