A cover of a classic Doom II multiplayer song some of you might be familiar with :p This song was rather simple to cover, given its somewhat repetitive nature (sans the infinite little changes they make to the percussion, goodness me), but I still had a lot of fun working on this.

Hope you enjoy it!


So! I’m about 4 followers from 100 so I said to myself “fuck it” and decided to post these anyway.

Mostly because of the stupid fandom bullshit that has been going on - I feel like we need a little positivity in this fandom right now.

So, have some Scooby Doom Flower Crown Edits of Papa and some of the Ghouls.

I need more pictures of Ghouls haha.

With that, I would love to take submissions or suggestions, so my ask and submit boxes SHOULD be open now. If you would like to see more of these, that’s the best way to do it. Unless you want to edit them yourself.

Some people have been speculating what will happen to Tony after Civil War II, and one of the theories is that he will be kind of an AI. With Doom taking over the Iron Man suit I simply had to draw something :D
For @laireshi!

(I guess @sineala and @notacaptainanymore might be interested too)

When I saw the full body icon of sin made by Sgt. Mark, I thought it looked ugly, and didn’t match the original art style. Here’s my own full body icon of sin, attempting to stick to the original style of Doom monsters.


“Video games of today are too violent!”
This is a video game from 1994. A lot of you know it as “Doom II: Hell on Earth”. The pictures above depict the main character decapitating an imp with a shotgun blast, punching the lower jaw off a former human and watching him die of trauma, and gibbing an arachnotron with a grenade launcher.
Video games of today are neither as violent or nearly as awesome as some of the things from the 90’s. Calm down, soccer moms. It’s getting better


Hello friends.

I apologize that I am back with more shitty flower crown edits.

I need to find a picture of Earth at his kit to edit.

I’m supposed to be writing a 500 word “historical context” blurb about the painting my senior thesis is on. I’m about half way done right now. Whoops.