Zeromaster clinches the world record yet again. How much lower can it go????

DOOM 2: Hell on Earth turns 21 today!

Yes, it’s true. Your levels have aged like sour milk. You might not be the perfect sequel a game like DOOM could’ve hoped for. Your final boss is a wall. Perhaps most of us would rather spend our weekend with our pops than hear Running From Evil and play The Chasm again.

But make no mistake about it, we still love your abstract butt. So happy birthday, you ugly thing!

“Doomed” by Gerald Brom - [Website] [Facebook]. Poor enhancement attempt by me.

(If you wish to download this picture, don’t! Tumblr compressed the original image and you’ll miss a considerable amount of quality and detail. Please use this link [Flickr] or these other alternatives instead [2000x2325 - PNG - 7.16MB])