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oi. I'm not sure if you're still doing reqs or something but... could possibly sketch a klance smooch? thx!

I mean– there is a smooch happening here– but this didn’t start off as angst I swear!


| the aesthetic from video games concept arts part 3|
| i very love the concept arts from video games!|
| Edits made by me :)|

Claiming my @dracotops-harry post. For @mugglelissa


Prompt #49: Dark lord!Harry. Harry has reached his breaking point in the war against Voldemort and once he’s defeated him, he takes power for himself. He decides to make Draco his second in command.

Ascend above the ashes of the world I once knew
Ascendancy is the only thing this will prove
I spread the fuel with ire
To incinerate all - Behold, I rise - phoenix
Ascend above the ashes
Ascend above it all

- Ascendancy by Trivium