doom psx

anonymous asked:

In your opinion, what are the definitive .wads for Doom?

When I think of “definitive” wads to play these are the wads that come to my mind:

Scythe 1 & 2

Alien Vendetta


Hellbound (With Doom 64/PSX Doom soundtrack for added atmosphere)

Speed of Doom

2002 A Doom Odyssey

Unholy Realms


You really can’t go wrong with any of these. They’re all fantastic and should be experienced at least once. I’d recommend these to anybody looking for really solid megawads to play. Shining examples of exciting, challenging gameplay and great level design.


Holy fuck.

1K in less than four months?…What? Why? You all crazy.

Thank you all for being part of this amazing journey.

As a token of my gratitude here’s my DOOM collection. It might not be much, and nearly half of it is bootleg (literally all the clothes and one hat), but hey, it’s mine.

The best is yet to come.