doom is pleased

Cat Tony

another headcannon inspired by this awesome fanart

Okay the black one he’s nuzzling is Tony, the white one that looks pissed is Bucky and the other one curled up on his side is Steve. Loki turned the three into cats last battle and Sam being the only cat person gets stuck with caring for them. Bucky is absolutely horrible, Steve is unhappy but not trying to be a pain for anyone while Tony is a lovable little cuddle bug that even Clint (who hates cats and has a mild allergy too) will cuddle Tony.

Imagine the chaos Bucky and Steve will bring. Sounds like a terrible time for the (still human) Avengers.
Bucky is purposely being a pain and Steve is trying to stop him but he’s so clumsy that he knocks over more stuff or makes more messes than Bucky

Natasha picks Bucky up by the scruff of his neck, Sam’s in the background trying to comfort a very upset Steve while Tony is stand on Thor’s shoulders rubbing against the god’s beard, purring happily. Clint was recording/taking pictures from a safe distance and Bruce was taking a nap because Hulk loves Kitty Tony and wouldn’t let Bruce out until he got his fill of Kitty love

And Tony is like a fucking king like, “cuddle me peasant. I demand cuddles. I want tuna. Gimmie that fucking screwdriver. Yes Wilson, I will tinker with paws, FUCKING WATCH ME.”…..I honestly believe he is using his cuteness to his advantage.

Natasha refuses to admit it but she caught Tony sitting in the lab hacking into foreign governments and when she caught him he pressed a button and all those dirty little secrets he was looking at turned into cat videos and Cat Tony just looked at Natasha, tail flicking lazily behind him and let out a simple “meow” before turning back to the screen to watch Youtube’s greatest cat video compilations.

Imagine anyone who knows what Tony is really up to pretending not to know. Or someone is trying to raid Avengers tower and Bucky and Steve try and help but they get thrown in Cat carriers or bags. While Tony is just perched on the island counter and the boss walks up to him and Tony ignores him. This upsets the guy so like say it’s Doom. “This cat doesn’t love Doom?” And tony just continues to lick his paw. Doom grabs food and toys trying to get the animals attention. Finally Tony turns this big brown eyes on Doom and he just melts.Finally Tony allows him to pet his head and he sways his body into the man and says “mrow” while Dooms distracted an Iron Man armor comes up behind him and knocks him out.
The Avengers rescue Steve and Bucky and enter the kitchen to see Tony sprawled on his side , tail flicking and Iron Man standing over and unconscious Doom.

Doom builds a shrine to Cat Tony in his prison cell and now not only is Natasha terrified of him (Cat Tony) but Coulson as well

Natasha doesn’t trust cats. Period. She cares for Tony but even the man version of him freaks her out a little , that cat is even worse so she tries to deal with Steve and Bucky. Coulson won’t enter a room if Cat Tony is in it. While Fury looks at Cat Tony as says, “Well done.” Quickly and casually pets his head before leaving

Figures SHIELD members would be afraid of cats. What an irony. More like they’re terrified by Tony cause he’s so badass even as a cat.

*sigh* SHIELD must be glad Tony is on their side.Like. They dread the day he might become evil just cause.They know if he goes evil they’re fucked

Enemies Turned Lovers Prompts

This was not requested, but I made another prompts list called Best Friends Turned Lovers which you can check out if you like, and I felt like compiling some of my personal favorites from the enemies turned lovers trope as well. I hope these inspire you!

  1. “It’s hard to remember we aren’t in a competition anymore.” 
  2. “Do we like…hold hands now?”
  3. “Sorry, this is just really different from our constant arguing.” 
  4. “I didn’t ever think we’d be here, like this.”
  5. Write about an angel being held captive in hell who falls in love with a demon.
  6. “I don’t fall in love with people very often, I just can’t believe it was you. Out of everyone, you just had to steal my heart. That’s very rude, you know, to steal?” 
  7. An angel sent to destroy the one prophesied to bring the world’s destruction falls in love with them instead.
  8. Person A is from a rich family, intelligent and has a sharp tongue. One day, they snuck out to the poor district, curious. They met Person B, strong and independent, who clearly hates the people of the rich district. Not knowing Person A’s real identity, they both became fast friends, running around on top of rooftops at night, stealing breads from vendors only to give them to the beggars and telling each other stories while laying side by side in the flower meadow.
  9. “I keep forgetting that we got over this ages ago.”
  10. “Isn’t it strange to think that just a while back, we were always fighting?”
  11. “I don’t even remember why were fighting.”
  12. “We still have issues to work around, but we’ll get over it.”
  13. “I’m trying to decide if this thing I did is incredibly stupid or…”“What happened? What did you do?”“Well…I fell in love with you.”
  14. “You know nothing about me.”“Oh, but I do. I know you want adventure, that’s why you’re here standing in front of me. You want to rebel like everyone else. You want mystery in your life, passion, romance… and maybe even a little danger.”
  15. “This should be against some sort of rule.”
  16. “How could this happen? They’re so…so pure. Ugh.”
  17. “They’re kind to everyone, even me. I guess that was my weakness all along.”
  18. “All I ever wanted was for someone to respect me. When they did exactly that, I knew I was doomed.” 
  19. “Please don’t say you love me.” 
  20. “You know I can’t say it, but surely you understand how I feel?”

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If you use one or more of these for a story, I would be delighted to read it! Please don’t hesitate to send your writing to me:)

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I know … last night was unexpected. If you regret it –

anonymous asked:

Do you think CIA's hacking abilities are compatible with Brutal Doom?

Fortunately, it has been proven that if the CIA detects you’re playing Brutal Doom in your car, they will silently spawn hundreds of revenants inside of it.

Whether they intend to kill you or not, that’s not up to discussion. You still have plenty of options, one of them involves not playing Brutal Doom inside your car.

And if I were you, I would gladly pick it.

Mendicus: Part 3

Libido (Lust)

Written for @icecream-and-gadreel for donating to my Supernatural Seattle 2017 Gift!

Pairing: soulless!Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,726

Warnings: sub!soulless!Sam, dom!Reader, teasing and use of sex toys (male and female receiving), dirty talk, edging, female orgasm, unprotected sex, Sam gets dominant, rough sex

Summary: Tired of Sam’s dominating ways, the reader convinces Sam to be a little submissive for once.

Part 1 / Part 2

Six hours later, Sam still hadn’t broken, but you were getting closer by the minute. You’d used every toy except for the dildo so far, and after the first three hours, you’d allowed him to move from the chair to the bed after removing the cock ring. Every thirty minutes you made Sam swallow a mouthful of ice water. Even soulless, Sam was still vulnerable to dehydration.

Sam was lying prone on the bed in front of you, thick leather cuffs adorned his wrists, strapping his arms above his head, and his naked torso glistened in the lamplight. You’d steadily gotten rougher, more aggressive, but Sam hadn’t used any of the safewords yet. He was definitely putting up a fight about begging, if anything he was getting angry because you hadn’t given in and decided to ride him yet.

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Like What You See?

Request: You’re work is amazing!!!! I was wondering if you could do a bucky smut where he has had a nightmare and is taking his frustration out on the punching bag when he catches reader watching him and he can see her silhouette through her silk nightgown or at least something along those lines thanks

Summary: You catch Bucky after he’s had a nightmare. He’s in the gym, trying to release some pent up feelings, throwing his fists as hard as he can against a punching bag.

Warnings: Smutttttttt and angst :/

A/N: I hope you like this! I’m sorry it get’s a little real with the readers two paragraph responses to Bucky in the middle, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you read it. Also, I wrote this at four in the morning, so I may not get to any requests tomorrow because I need a break from writing the fics.

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Come and get your love
come and get your love
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