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Tommy , Prey (2006)   //  Human Head Studios Videogame

Prey is a Sci-Fi FPS made by Human Head Studios, using id’s Doom 3 engine. The game features the traditional shooter banter, as well as some unique puzzles. To solve these puzzles, you need to walk on the ceiling, walls, and go through portals to complete.

The story focuses on Domasi Tawodi (also known as “Tommy”), a Cherokee garage mechanic and former United States Army soldier living on a Native American reservation in Oklahoma. At the beginning of the game, Tommy is in a bar owned by his girlfriend, Jen. After an unfortunate bar fight, the entire building is lifted up by a gravitational force into a green light above. Tommy, Jen, and Tommy’s grandfather, Enisi, are transported skyward to the massive alien starship called the Sphere.

Domasi (Tommy) Tawodi’s background was chosen due to the amount of mythology in Cherokee oral tradition. Tommy is voiced by Michael Greyeyes, and Jen is voiced by Crystle Lightning, who are both Plains Cree.

“I was impressed with the way [3D Realms] conceived of and wrote Tommy… Hollywood typically relegates our different indigenous cultures either into a single pan-Indian construct of some type — radical AIM protester type; slick, corporate, anglicized casino businessman type; etcetera — or, most commonly, as a historical figure, typically from a Plains culture. In fact, the overwhelming majority of roles written for native actors are in the Western genre. There are few opportunities for us to appear outside that paradigm, and when we do it is often equally narrow in focus… The writers [at 3D Realms] were always open to my comments — which I freely offered — and took my notes seriously, in nearly all instances changing dialogue or thematic content.” - Michael Greyeyes

Anna Fang, badass aviator and agent of the Anti-Traction League from the Mortal Engines quartet by Philip Reeve. (one of my favourite book series of all time, and I’m really really excited to be drawing her for the upcoming volume of Ladies of Literature!)

I’ve been struggling so much with the composition for the actual piece, and just de-stressing by doing some character sketches…

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lena luthor for the canon thing

Canon: Lena is 24 years old what the actual fuck CW writers I was nowhere near that accomplished at 24 what the hell make it more believable for Rao’s sake

Headcanon: Since we’re all apparently supposed to ascribe to the “Lionel is Lena’s biodad” theory Lena remakes L-Corp into an entirely green and eco-friendly company and completely excises all of the dark diseased remnants of Luthor/LexCorp and is AMAZING at being CEO okay I just want my poor amazing nerdchild to be recognized for how amazing she is in spite of her true Luthor heritage thus bringing the whole “recognized for more than my name” thing full circle 

fuck all of you its obviously true and canon and completely realistic idc

Heartcanon: Lena and Alex are SCIENCE BROS obviously and Alex/Lena/Winn become the science trio of DOOM and probably reverse-engineer a lightsaber or something equally ridiculous (velociraptors? probably velociraptors)

Soulcanon: LENA LUTHOR KNOWS KARA DANVERS IS SUPERGIRL (louder for those in the back) come the fuck on people she’s intelligent as hell I categorically refuse to believe she hasn’t figured it out 

Crotchcanon: Lena makes a move on Kara first and she is smoooth as hell okay bye now 

this might be bias talking but i don’t really like duke3d that much

the enemies are annoying, the weapons feel a little limp, and the level design is a bit on the boring side

i mean the build engine is more technically impressive than the doom engine, of course, but i still think doom is superior to duke3d in pretty much every aspect besides that


Super Mario Bros. 3 Demo (1990) from john romero on Vimeo.

This is a demo of IFD’s (soon to be id Software) Super Mario 3 demo created for Nintendo on the PC. The demo was completed on September 28, 1990. We worked on this demo for a week, after work, and on the weekend all two days. It was all from scratch, except we used the scrolling code from the Dangerous Dave in Copyright Infringement demo made a couple days before we started on this.

We sent this demo to Nintendo of America, they in turn sent it to Kyoto to the mothership office, and the execs there saw the demo and were really impressed. However, they didn’t want their intellectual property on anything but their own hardware, so they told us Good Job and You Can’t Do This.

So, we immediately started work on the first Commander Keen trilogy, Invasion of the Vorticons at the end of September. Two and a half months later and we shipped it on December 14, 1990.

After this tech advancement came these:

September-December 1990: First id Software engine (Keen 1-3) - idTech 1
March, 1991: First id Software 3D engine (Hovertank One) - idTech 2
May 1991: Keen Dreams engine (used for Keen 4-6) - idTech 3
November 1991: First id Software texture mapping 3D engine (Catacomb 3D) - idTech 4
January-May 1992: Second id Software texture mapping 3D engine (Wolfenstein 3D) - idTech 5
January-December 1993: Third id Software 3D engine (DOOM) - idTech 6
January 1995-June 1996: Fourth id Software 3D engine (Quake) - idTech 7

The current idTech numbering system doesn’t make sense when you look at all the technology we made.

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Can you tell us anything about the Game Boy Advance game Dark Arena? I've seen a number of sources say it was made with the Doom engine, but nothing felt to me like concrete evidence.

A number of level designers were pulled from the Doom community, but it doesn’t seem like the final game runs on the Doom engine - there’s at least one instance where a level designer has tried to use a Doom rendering trick that isn’t covered by the game’s engine.

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What do you think about the "advanced tech looks like old tech" aesthetic? Like in the newest Wolfenstein.

the new wolfenstien is a fun game but I think it suffers from what I like to “call ID tech syndrome” 

aka tell me what the fuck half the shit on this armor even does 

please look at the fucking anything and tell my why there are so many, joints, screws, ridges, and glowing lights all over this fucking thing. Glowing lights on armor that cant even illuminate the area are fucking stupid anyway and I dont know why video games keep thinking technology = las vegas billboard lights 

I think it started with the doom 3 engine ID tech 4 or whatever the fuck it is because look 

look at the armor, the gun, the wall or just fucking anything. Its like a texture vomit. Everything looks like a fucking engine before they put the hood over it. Do people in the future just not bother with covering up the inner workings of all their shit? 

Here look at an enemy from quake 2

You can clearly tell what it is, its clean, and simple, you will probably remember what this design looks like.

Now here is the same enemy from quake 4

please tell me what  half the shit on it even does, or how does it look different from the other 20 fucking cyborgs that all look like this. Do you think you are going to remember what his fucker looks like? 

And now here is what wolfenstien does 

you might be thinking “oh! they took the armor off this robot dog and now we get to see what is like underneath! cool!” except no, this is how it looks in the game, the fucking nazis looked at this and said “yeah ok this is finished, its not like every single grain of dirt is going to get stuck in all this shit or anything” 

Maybe I am just nit picking and honestly if such designs were used sparingly they would probably look good in contrast with everything else.

But when everything looks like this

its just a fucking mess