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gimmie a quick rundown of which scenes break your heart the most, i'm not sad enough and need the pain.

I love you and this is both the best and worst thing anyone has never asked me, because apparently, I have no clue what a “quick” rundown means.  I also tried very hard to not make this entirely about Armand and… I failed about midway through. But in my defense, can you ever be sad enough? No, you can’t.


- Louis killing the Marquis, and both his and Lestat’s reactions to it. Louis dragging Lestat to his abusive father’s bed and forcing him to speak forgiveness, despite the fact that Lestat is having an obvious meltdown (“He threw up his hands and let out a terrible roar of desperation.  ‘Damn him! Kill him!’ he said.”/“Lestat danced like the maddened Rumpelstilskin about to put his foot through the floor”/ “Never had I seen him so weak and at the same time enraged”), that Louis, in his lack of information, mistakes for impatience and indifference. Damn dysfunctional vampires with a thing for miscommunication.  If only there was a scene with the two of them discussing this in a later book, it would probably make the list too. But, alas.

Rest of the list under cut because of excessively long post that no one’s going to read:

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A woman who works down the hall just came in to my office to ask me to look up some info about a student, and she saw my Sherlock wallpapers on my computer and was like, oh hey I like that show, do you know when it’s coming back? And it took everything in me not to just stare at her in disbelief like, how can you not know that?