doom! doom! doom!

Paul Landers fanart I made for Halloween c:


Until two years ago, Merlin was a starvation/heartworms backyard neglect case. He likes being a housepet now, but he’s always watching Yvaine to see what he’s supposed to be doing. She’s a social cues helper dog ;)

By watching what Yvaine is doing, Merlin can work out when he’s just going outside to potty, or going out on Sniff Patrol, or going to the car, or going to feed the Big Doggies. He can tell when I want their attention to do tricks. He can tell when we’re all settling down in one spot for a while. He can’t figure this out from watching me; it seems he just doesn’t have the context. But whatever we’re doing, I see him look at Yvaine, check for cues, then participate.

He’s iffy on words–starting to learn verbal commands at age 8 or so did not help at all. He does better with hand gestures. But sometimes he gets so fatigued, or excited, or agitated that he just can’t process them. Even then, he can still check to see what Yvaine is doing, and go from there.

She helps him be more secure, just by being there.

anonymous asked:

Can you do witch of doom?

This witch LIVES for Halloween. The type of person who plans their costume months in advance, uses November 1st sales to decorate their house, and so on. Tried to be a goth/punk for a while, but then got lazy with it. The sheer enthusiasm this kid has for October 31st is one of their most charming parts about them.

I’m sure the Witch of Doom plays a lot of video games, but they don’t seem to be the type to use anything other than PC. Not only are they constantly on Steam, but their computer has all the emulators they could ever need. They’re currently on the lookout for when the 3DS emulator comes out so they can finally play Pokemon X and Y. The Witch’s friends insist that they can just borrow their 3DS and play Pokemon X that way, but the Witch claims that the screens and buttons are too small for them. They do feel a bit bad about it, though, and try to buy the games anyway to give them out as gifts. (As a matter of fact, they’re the one who bought Pokemon X for their friend)

I can guarantee they are the type of people who would wake up in the middle of the night with a shitpost on their mind, turn on their computer, write it down, save it in drafts, and fall back asleep with no memory of this occurring. The Witch of Doom has about 15 drafts that range from “When did people decide that owls were wise animals, they cough up their food because they aren’t smart enough to digest it properly” to “a mini fan = man.” They’re still debating whether they should actually post these as we speak.