Long story between the history of these two Traynor YT-15 Super Twin cabs, but to keep it short, the battered guy to the left was given to me by Maxwell and it’s loaded with EV SRO 15Ls, also given to me by Maxwell. Incredible speakers. Absurd clarity and probably too much low end for this cab but I don’t need ultra lows or anything.

The cleaner YT-15 to the right is still Maxwell’s. It’s loaded with Deltas and he’s looking to sell it. I’m keen on buying it because this 4x15 V4 rig is absolutely ridiculous, but I need another guitar cab before I fux with getting more 15s. 

Just got mine wired up today and tested out and she seems solid. >:}


There’s been a place for you in my Heart since we first met.


Warp House

Doom II - 2016 - by Ed Cripps

A large level in the Deimos style, using almost entirely stock textures… and rendered in GZDoom with all the slopes and 3D floors that money can buy! If you can weather the seemingly limitless monster ambushes, you’re in for a treat. Warp House generally plays so smoothly that you’ll be sad once it’s over. In the meantime, enjoy sights like that opening blood crater with a spanning bridge and the maw of Hell trench complete with big, sharp, pointy teeth.



The MacBook Pro? Yeah, it runs Doom… on the touch bar!

Apple courted controversy again with their newest laptops by replacing the top-most row of keys on the keyboard with a 2170x60 touchscreen that’s controllable by apps. So, naturally, someone (in this case, Facebook engineer Adam Bell) shoved Doom onto it. And while it’s realistically unplayable so squished down, Bell also made a version that renders just the HUD to the touch bar, which is quite a bit cooler, from both viability and cool techdemo standpoints.