1wa-chan  asked:

whwhwhwh i saw your pen sketches of iwa and theres no WAY thats not your dominant hand r u kidding me!!!! theyre so good!!!! howd you do that!!!!

WUHUHUHUHU ASdfgkjdlk THANK YOU!! (/)///(/)

Unfortunately (as I can’t really move and stress my right and dominant arm/hand) this is my non dominant hand (/)//(/)

Hehhe, I dunno….how do I do this…like..hehe…I mean..the anatomy and the picture still works the hand just doesn’t work the same. But I start it as I start any drawing. Rough and loose first sketch and then try to draw over it.

My lines with my left hand are way more wobbly and I can’t really draw fine and little details. I guess it’s a matter of practice. Maybe if I would draw more often with my left hand I would get more fluent.
It also helps to have thicker lines and dark shadows to cover up mistakes and unclean lines :D

I realized it’s fun to draw with my left hand. But it takes me way longer and I tense up cause I try to hold my left hand still and make not really fluent but rather stiff and tense movements.