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Haikyuu and their pets

Tsukki buying a python and naming it Moon Moon (because he’s a fucking snake also he was drunk, thinking about dinosaurs, and snakes are just tails with faces so HE FELT BAD OK)

Kuroo buying a cat that falls over while walking and bites her own tail but will also kill anyone that get nears kenma’s kitten (her name is Little Miss Fucktard don’t argue with me)

Oikawa buying a frog so he can send Iwaizumi and snapchat of him holding it saying “princess and the frog” and iwaizumi sending back “wheres the princess” (his name is Frowny-Chan and is a bullfrog and he bought it because it reminded him of “someone”)

Kenma buying kitten that likes to sleep but only next to him, Little Miss Fucktard, and Kuroo and is really shy around strangers but has the loudest purr you ever did hear (his name is Neko because ftw)

Kyoutani having a “pack” of domesticated wolf-hybrids because they couldn’t live in the wild but no one was qualified to take care of them (their names are Cuddles, Princess, Fluffy, Snuggles, Love-Bug, and Muffin)

Yahaba having a little shih tzu (fuck me I did hella research to find, a regal, pompous little shit that fits him) named Kōgō (who cares whether or not that translation is right I used fucking google that shit probably means apple) that is the alpha of Kyoutani’s pack, you will see her regularly being given their treats, etc.

Bokuto getting a great horned owl and naming her Flappy (plz stop getting these boys drunk), learned the hard way to wear arm guards (adopted her because “she looked so sad, Akaashi”, and he was at the bird sanctuary frequently enough when they ran out of room they knew what to do)

Akaashi adopting a barred owl, named Esther, to keep Flappy company (yeah sure gho eats them, but stilllll)

Noya getting a tarantula, named ROLLING THUNDER (yes caps is necessary) who REALLY likes Asahi’s hair

Asahi Suffering™

I will add more to this (probably)