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Students throughout Boston are getting a radically different view of the world, one laminated 24-by-36-inch sheet of paper at a time.

Beginning last Thursday, Boston Public Schools administrators have been sending social studies teachers in the second, seventh and 11th grades new maps for their classrooms — depictions that more accurately portray the sizes of Earth’s continents.

When many people picture a map of the world, what they’re probably thinking of is a Mercator projection, a representation that despite its apparent distortions has been around more than 400 years. It’s that map that hangs in most classrooms throughout the U.S., including those in Boston.

Boston Students Get A Glimpse Of A Whole New World, With Different Maps

Image by Joseph Amditis/Flickr

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Brass Knuckles
Circa 1930’s Boston Massachusetts

One of the few items from my grandfather that I own. He rarely spoke about himself and never bragged so I don’t have any stories connected to these but I do know that they are from before he served in WWII. Being an Irish Catholic living in South Boston during some rough times I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that these were not just for show.
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What a weird holiday. I didnt really celebrate it until I moved to Southie in Boston, where it was unavoidable. Now it brings out an unusual nostalgia in me. Any way, happy green day