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Days 1/16/17

Ugh, I really liked Claire before Days made her so annoying lol.

Yay, Justin & Adrienne today! Aww, he brought her food.

Ugh, I really didn’t need to see Deimos’ hissy fit again. Also, how did Andre start this fight? Like seriously? Deimos stole Andre’s property. Kinda twice lol. And he, understandably, wanted it back and Deimos refused, so Andre retaliated. Deimos should blame himself or Eduardo or that creepy Myron dude lol.

Not that I want him to show up, but where is Lucas? Lol. Is this still Adrienne & Lucas’ room?

Days, you really don’t need to try so hard to make Justin & Adrienne cute/sweet. They’re the supercouple in this half-assed triangle; you don’t have to push lol.

Omg, I’m so over vapid Claire.

So, Valerie’s “date” is Kayla lol.

Is Deimos seriously pretending like he has the moral high ground with Chloe? What an asshole.

Can people stop speaking for Sonny? Thanks. It’s weird that he’s even in this scene, so maybe let him speak instead of just awkwardly standing there? Lol.

Wow, Nicole just stood up for Chloe. Fucking finally.

Deimos, stfu. None of this is your business and it certainly isn’t Sonny’s either, so Chloe doesn’t have to tell all of you jack.

Way back when Freddie said he’d shared a scene with pretty much everyone on canvas, I wondered how/why Sonny & Chloe would share a scene. I regret even wondering lol.

I think I like Valerie’s dress lol.

Jfc, Claire, enough with the fucking phone!

I am Chloe right now lol. “Because you threatened to kill someone.” And omg, her “wtf?!” face is perfect lmao.

Chloe didn’t attack you, you fucking loser. Jfc, I hate Deimos. Can someone just murdering him so we can all move on?

Aww, a Broe hug!!!!!! Brady is so relieved she’s okay. I’m literally dying for them to get together. Okay, maybe not literally, but pleeeeeeaaaassseeee, Days!!!!!

Yes, Sonny, take your daughter and leave the house. Good plan. :) Maybe take her to see your mom & dad.

Someone wrote a nasty comment about Theo and Claire on her instagram. :( Disgusting, but it’s an important connection to make with Valerie & David’s history and with their son joining the canvas soon.

Wow, Sonny actually brought Ari to see Adrienne & Justin. Aww, Adrienne kissing her two babies. :)

Wait, are Justin & Lucas taking turns escorting Adrienne to her chemo appts? On one hand, sweet. On the other? Ew. She’s not a baseball card for them to trade back & forth. Sonny: “Well, that was weird.” Agreed lol.

Nicole is seriously not ending their engagement. I’m not surprised, but I am disappointed.

OH, I SEE YOU, DAYS. Deimos promises Nicole that be won’t hurt Andre, so then he goes after Chad thru Abby & Gabi, right? Gross.

YES to Nicole & Brady taking care of Chloe when she passed out. Go away, Deimos.

Yep, I like Valerie giving the kids advice after being in the same situation with David.

Aww, Brady offers to drive Chloe back to the hospital. I’m so easy when in comes to Broe lmao.

Oh yeah, Adrienne runs The Spectator lol. Can we see more of her & Jennifer actually doing that?

Omg, shouldn’t Adrienne get to decide who accompanies her to chemo and when? Jfc, enough with this sexist bullshit.

Deimos, do NOT follow Nicole & Brady to the hospital. No one wants you there and you don’t belong there.

Nancy & Chloe!!!! And Holly lol. Chloe, honey, you have to tell Nicole the truth. You’ll regret it if you don’t and it comes out because you know it will lol.

I appreciate Claire’s apology to Valerie. It was long overdue.

Hey, Nicole, stop making this all about you. It’s obnoxious. Thank you, Brady, for actually taking Chloe’s side.

Brady to Nicole: “Tell her (Chloe) I love her.” I’m flailing like an idiot lmao.

Oh, Adrienne wants Justin to stay with her while she falls asleep. My heart ❤️

Aww, Theo tells Val that he’s “not against” her staying in Salem. So sweet lol.

Ugh, Chloe was so going to tell Nicole the truth before Nicole got that text from Deimos. :/ Is it weird that I feel more sympathy for Chloe?

Brady, if I were you, I would cut ties with Deimos on this baby thing. You do not want to get and stay on Nancy’s bad sides. Yikes lol.

Omg, shut UP, Deimos. You know NOTHING about business, you arrogant asshat. This is why he’s going to fail. He’s a petulant, impulsive jackass. Titan needs a business-savvy, cool-headed Kiriakis in charge. Not the ex-con, who knows squat about Titan or the corporate business world or the DiMera/Kiriakis feud.

Wow, Sonny mentions Abby. The other day she was worried about him and today he’s worried about her. Now if we could only SEE the cousins together lol. I’m probably asking for too much, huh? Lol.


How could I not write a fic? *squishes face*

As Ari’s second birthday neared, Gabi had become increasingly more anxious and depressed with each of their prison visits; she’d even burst into tears a few times as they told her about the plans they’d made for a family birthday bash at TBD that weekend (though she was grateful to them for bringing Ari to see her on Ari’s actual birthday).

Before they left that day, they reminded her that she’d survived a year behind bars, encouraged her that she was strong enough to survive the rest of her sentence, and they promised her that they would take lots of pictures and videos to bring to her the following week.

So, on the morning of Ari’s birthday party, after getting Ari dressed in her little pink ruffled dress and matching sandals, Sonny pulled out his video camera and packed it safely in one of the bags of supplies they were bringing to the party. 

They were going to the Kiriakis mansion first to visit a little with Victor and Maggie and Adrienne beforehand and Sonny figured that would be a better place to film Ari doing cute things rather than the boring apartment anyway.

After barely being greeted by Victor, Maggie, and Adrienne, and brushed aside in favor of Arianna, Sonny suggested that they take a walk around the backyard, since it was such a beautiful spring day.

As soon as she was outside, Ari attempted to run around on the grass but Will managed to reign her in, cooing at her and warning her to not get her pretty dress dirty. She reluctantly listened and Sonny snapped pictures while he laughed; Ari was quickly developing a pout eerily reminiscent of Will’s and which Sonny knew would get them all into trouble as she grew older.

At one point, Maggie wanted to show Adrienne some plants she was proudly growing, so they all took a detour into the greenhouse behind the mansion. While Maggie dragged Victor and Adrienne around, Will and Ari settled on a bench near some windows on the side of a row of raspberries. 

Smiling, Sonny pulled the video recorder out of the bag and said, “Ari, can you make some funny faces to show Mommy?" 

She merely waved in response at the camera and Will chuckled. Then he said, "Why don’t we show Mommy the game we play sometimes before bed? Hmmm. Do you wanna play lion and cub?”

She smiled at him and nodded a little. 

Will turned to the camera and said, “So sometimes instead of reading a book to her before we put her to sleep she likes to pretend she’s a baby lion. It was in one of her books and she’s liked lions since then. Watch this.”

Then he turned back to Ari, opened his mouth, and roared gently at her. She giggled and roared back at him, shaking her head and brushing her nose against his a little. 

It was when Ari pulled back slightly - still roaring at him - that Will realized the others were watching and smiling fondly at them. 

Then Ari was leaning in again, roaring a little louder, and fully eskimo kissed him - her nose and forehead brushing against his. He responded in kind gently so as not to hurt her and laughed through his roar as she did it again.

She roared at him once more before turning away, bored of the game, and falling accidentally onto her knees.

Sonny laughed lovingly and turned off the camera as Will checked to make sure her knees weren’t scraped.

When they showed Gabi the video three days later, she laughed herself to tears and told them it was the first time she’d truly enjoyed herself in nearly a year.