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Insomniac vs 21st Century Breakdown

At first glance it would appear that these two albums can’t be compared.  Not only do they sound drastically different from each other but they also have little in common lyrically.  So why compare them at all?  The reason I am comparing these two albums is that they were both somewhat successful follow-ups to  Green Day’s two biggest albums (Dookie and American Idiot).

Insomniac had a hard act to follow as Dookie was a major success and pushed the band into a new level of stardom.  This distanced them from their Gilman Street peers as they were booted from the community they came from for singing with a major label.  This explains why there is a shift from the apathy and confusion of Dookie to the anger of Insomniac.  The album feels like the natural direction for the band to go at the time and arguably isn’t appreciated as much as it should be.

21st Century Breakdown also had a hard act to follow, coming after the huge success of American Idiot.  At this point in time things had changed.  While there were still some very personal songs on American Idiot there was also a strong political element that took the band to a new level.  The pressure was on for 21st Century Breakdown to do the same.  The issue in this case was that they weren’t in the same frustrating world that American Idiot was made in.  This left the band with a lot less to talk about politically.  There was also the flaw of the album trying to live up to American Idiot.  Insomniac never seemed too concerned with trying to top Dookie, it simply did what it wanted.  Listening to 21st Century Breakdown, it often feels like a conscious attempt to do better than American Idiot by taking similar formulas and amping them up with orchestral elements.  Nowhere is this more obvious than with 21 Guns and Restless Heart Syndrome.  Both were way too inspired by Boulevard of Broken Dreams, with a similar tempos, structures and even similarities in solos.  While both are great songs, the feeling that they were trying too hard to top themselves is hard to escape.  Overall this was a great album but felt a bit more forced than Insomniac.

Story time b#tches

Today was the first day of school and like most schools, the teachers did an introduction. Skip to 6th period, i have language arts and we had to do a “warm body count”. Let’s be real here for a sec WE ALL HAVE WARM BODIES, i guess the school just does this for to see if our educators teach zombies, but my 20-something L.A teacher was the first teacher to question it. THE FIRST!!

First post

Hey there , hope you’re reading this,

This is my first post of hopefully many to come.
Just to fast forward a little bit I will be writing about how most of our young lives we’ve been lied to and deceived into worshiping some kind of culture that we don’t have to “follow”

Little bit ‘bout blog.

I’ve named my blog 21st century bullshit, but made my blog page title 21st Century Meltdown (I was aiming at Green Day’s “21st Century breakdown”)

To start off with that I think that green day had some hell of a rebellious songs back in the days (the whole dookie album) , and that’s what actually motivated me into making a blog and writing about shit like this.

Little bit ‘bout me

I’m 18
This blog is pretty much based on my music influances
And I don’t want to judge anyone but in my humble personal opinion I think that the music you listen, and people who you look up to pretty much shape you and make you the guy/girl you are today.


Yesterday I was walking by, and I saw this beautiful girl walking down the street she was into some type of punk/grunge/rock fashion style, and I just wanted to walk up to her and like hug her or something , cause she was like rebellious, her outfit was screaming like fuck the world or something like that.She didn’t give a fuck what someone would think about her, and why should she?
She is living her own life, and she doesn’t want to live by some codex someone told her she should live by

What happened to real men?

People became robots.We are totally brainwashed by everything surrounding us.I walked into a store and had a cigarette in my mouth and the lady who was working there told me that i’m not supposed to smoke inside of the market,
and the people who were in there, they were looking at me like I killed an innocent little puppy.

But who the fuck is she to tell me where I’m supposed to smoke my cigarette?
Because people are following orders, either you like it or not, me , you , and pretty much everyone else follows some kind of order, because otherwise,there would be anarchy.
And why do you think this way is better?

What happened to us?

You are living a life that someone wants you to live, maybe I am paranoid,
but take a look around you, modern technology “brought us all together” and i’ve never felt more distant.
People don’t talk anymore, it’s LOL this, ROFL that LMFAO this
When was the last time you called your friend to come over your house so you can catch up and talk, you do it online.

About next post…

Music previous generations had, and we don’t.
Different life we could’ve had

Stay safe people, rock on!