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BRTN: Green Day - Uno!/Dos!/Tre! (2012)

After the indulgent, political duo of concept albums, Green Day decided to return to their no-frills punk/garage rock roots for this trio of albums, a bit like a pop-punk version of Metallica’s Death Magnetic. Incredibly, this yielded worse results than that album. Cynical, inauthentic and mediocre songwriting makes up the bulk of these albums, which sound largely similar to one another, despite slight stylistic shifts. Dos! carries a bit of a blues rock influence, with Billie Joe Armstrong referring to it as the second Foxboro Hot Tubs album; and Tre! features longer, less punchy tracks than its two predecessors. The cynicism is at its height when Green Day, shockingly, re-use the opening riff from The Clash’s version of ‘I Fought the Law’ TWICE on Uno!, first with ‘Feel For You’, then again on 'Angel Blue’; and re-use bits of 21st Century Breakdown songs from 'Carpe Diem’ and 'Makeout Party’ from Uno! and Dos! respectively. Certain songs on here stand out from the mediocrity due to their spectacular awfulness. The main offenders are two songs from Dos!: 'Fuck Time’, a really on-the-nose, pseudo-blues sex song, which is by far the worst the band have ever recorded; and 'Nightlife’, an experiment with chart hip-hop, which sounds a bit like The Offspring’s 'Cruising California’, only played absolutely straight. But never fear, Uno! Fans! 'Let Yourself Go’, 'Kill the DJ’ and 'Sweet 16’ are fantastically crap in their own right as well. Tre! has a slight edge over the first two albums – 'Brutal Love’ is a nice ballad and some thought seems to have gone into songs like 'X-Kid’ (there’s also no songs that are as ear-achingly awful as 'Fuck Time’ or 'Kill the DJ’). Despite this, it’s not an album that particularly warrants revisiting. Uno!, Dos! and Tre! are painful to listen to, considering the enthusiasm of Green Day’s early work (there’s a live version of Dookie’s 'Coming Clean’ on Dos!, which helps point out the contrast). They are at best forgettable, and at worst, offensively bad.

Alan Cunningham

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Unpopular opinion(s): Insomniac is a far better album than Dookie, Nimrod was the best album Green Day made (in terms of the lyrical content and overall energy of the album + it was one of the only albums they attempted to take their sound in different directons), and Uno was the worst album they ever made (Dos and Tre weren't that great, but they're not as terrible as Uno at least).

I haven’t heard a lot of people say that Nimrod was the best one, but I don’t know if that makes it an unpopular opinion. I guess Dookie/american idiot is often the popular choice? But I like your thoughts on it, it’s a great album. And I have to agree, I thought uno was the worst of the three as well. 

ALBUM REVIEW: Green Day - Radio Revolution

Revolution Radio comes after the trio of Green Day albums that were very much hit-or-miss. Uno! Dos! Tre! was even considered by Billie Joe Armstrong to be unfocused and too long. I mentioned in the review for “Still Breathing” that Armstrong specifically is coming from a place of renewed strength and vision. He, along with Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool, are excited to be playing music again. It’s a strong album that draws from both American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown and even albums further back such as Insomniac and even Dookie and also features some of the most poppy songs the band has released in a while. And though the album is strong and on the upswing.

As an album that works as a “return-to-form,” it opens with a pretty big song (that even gets a reprise at the end!) that sets the mood - it’s no grandiose project like AI, but it’s a big one nonetheless that’s a re-evaluation of where Green Day is at this point. Take the opening lyrics:

“I’m running late to somewhere now
I don’t want to be

How did a life on the wild side
Ever get so dull?”

These lines are a direct questioning of the rock & roll excesses that dragged the band down for a while, with Armstrong calling the opening line one of his most favorite. Indeed, it is a great opener that comes right out of the gate with bravado and stride. “Bang Bang” follows it up and is one of the best songs on the album - loud, fast, bouncy, fun, and with an energy that calls back to Green Day circa 1994 (or 2004). While Green Day totally succeeds on this level, they also succeed on the softer numbers like on “Outlaws,” a song reminiscent of a ‘50s ballad, and even the mid-sounding rockers like “Youngblood” (which is catchy as hell) and “Too Dumb to Die.”

But some songs are lackluster either musically or lyrically. Particularly, “Still Breathing” is a run-of-the-mill inspirational rock song that has really good melodies and won’t stop me from singing along at shows or by myself, but is definitely below par considering the rest of the album. “Troubled Times” is another one that’s not musically or lyrically impressive with cliches run amok. Considering that Green Day has written a lot of great political lyrics, “Troubled Times” falls short of their previous work.

But when it does work it wisely draws from past releases to channel that certain energy. Some songs like “Bang Bang” activate the hyperactive frenzy that Dookie while some like “Say Goodbye” ape American Idiot (definitely shades of “Holiday” here) without much new to add.

It does recover with the nearly 7 minute epic “Forever Now” and would have been a great ending - but it actually ends with an acoustic ditty called “Ordinary World” that, while nice sounding, shouldn’t have been the album closer.

Overall, though, it’s a good release that managed to be a step-up from their last three releases. With strong melodies, strong compositions and powerful musicianship, it’s a good album - a good, solid album with good, solid tunes. And to add to that, it’s really enjoyable album that any Green Day and just good ol’ rock & punk fan should enjoy just fine.

BEST SONGS: “Bang Bang,” “Outlaws,” “Youngblood,” “Forever Now”

Check out the music video for “Bang Bang” on their YouTube:

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Green Day to tour US with 24-date schedule

Pop punk icon Green Day is to support new album “Revolution Radio” with a US arena tour starting March 2017, with Against Me! as its opening act.

Currently engaged on a more intimate US tour with a set of European dates occupying January 2017, Californian band Green Day released 12th studio album “Revolution Radio” on October 7.

Against Me! formed a few years after Green Day broke through with “Longview”, “Basket Case”, and “When I Come Around” from its 1994 album “Dookie”; the Floridian group released their own, seventh studio album, “Shape Shift with Me,” in September.

The Revolution Radio tour starts March 1, 2017, in Phoenix, Arizona and finishes on April 8 in San Diego, California.

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Short story from a 16 yo green day fan,Just bought my Revolution Radio copy,can't hide my happiness since it is actually the first album that I buy on my own and is not given to me.Worth the wait of two months to buy it,although the last weeks were a living hell,knowing that there is a leaked version of the album,and me trying to contain my hype and hear it for the first time from my CD player. Keep making your days green guys!

Ah, our first self-bought albums will always have a special place in our hearts :) I’m really proud to say that my first self bought album was Dookie (after receiving AI, 21stCB and Kerplunk for xmas). Green Day always happen to be my “first” everything - my first rock concert, my first vinyl… 

I know right? That was torture. Everyone was talking about it and it was so hard avoiding spoilers. I’m really glad we all waited, I think it would have killed our anticipation and holding the CD finally in our hands wouldn’t have been as special. 

But we made it!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

The story of how I became a Green Day fan

The story of how I became a Green Day fan is actually kind of uninteresting, but still it’s my story

I have never been much of a radio listener not even in the days before MP3s and streaming.  And as a teenager growing up in a rural area, we didn’t have cable, so no MTV.  Before the vast array of video and music sharing and streaming services and social media websites available today to discover new music, I mostly heard about new music from friends or my uncle who was twelve years older than me.  So, with the lack of MTV and not listening to the radio much, I had somehow managed to spend most of 1994 unaware of Green Day and their awesomeness.  Shortly before Christmas that year, a friend suggested I check out this band, Green Day that he really liked.  That night I asked my uncle if he had heard of them and he actually had their album called Dookie (and yep, it was on a cassette tape).  He let me borrow the tape the next day when I was going on a road trip.  I stuck the tape in my walkman (yeah, I know; I’m old) as we started out on our trip.  By the time Basket Case was playing I was completely hooked.  I listened to the album repeatedly that entire day and for days after that.  Green Day was a whole new music experience for me and listening to them opened so many other doors of music for me.  Since then I have broadened my musical tastes vastly.  I feel that before I was pigeon holing myself to a certain type of music; like I was only allowed to listen to one genre, but after listening to Dookie for the first time I threw those notions out the window.  

So, that’s how I came to be a Green Day for the last twenty-two years.  My, sadly now estranged, friend, my uncle, and Green Day changed my life and I think that’s it so much better than it could have been without Green Day in my life.  

One last note, admittedly, maybe I had heard Green Day on the radio in passing and never paid attention, but I like I already said, I didn’t listen to the radio a lot.  Therefore, I always tell everyone, whether they care or not, that Burnout was the first Green Day song that I ever heard.

Bandom Calender

January 1 - Issue #6 of Gerard Way’s The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys was released
January 8 - Twenty One Pilot’s album Vessel was released
January 15 - Panic! at the Disco’s album Death of a Bachelor was released
January 16 - Fall Out Boy’s album American Beauty/American Psycho was released
January 17 - Green Day’s album Kerplunk was released
February 1 - Green Day’s album Dookie was released
February 4 - Fall Out Boy announced they were coming off hiatus
February 6 - Fall Out Boy’s album Infinity on High was released
February 10 - Pierce the Veil’s lead singer Vic Fuentes’ birthday
February 17 - Green Day’s lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong’s birthday AND Blink-182′s album Cheshire Cat  was released 
February 24 - Blink-182′s guitarist Matt Skiba’s birthday
February 25 - Pierce the Veil’s guitarist Tony Perry’s birthday  
February 28 - Billie Joe Armstrong’s son Joseph’s birthday
March 15 - Blink-182′s bassist Mark Hoppus’s birthday
March 18 Panic! at the Disco’s album Vices&Virtues was released
March 21 - Panic! at the Disco’s album Pretty. Odd. was released
March 22 - My Chemical Romance announced their breakup
April 2 - Panic! at the Disco’s ex-drummer Spencer Smith left the band
April 3 - All Time Low’s album Future Hearts was released 
April 9 - My Chemical Romance’s lead singer Gerard Way’s birthday
April 12 - Fall Out Boy’s album Save Rock and Roll was released AND Panic! at the Disco’s lead singer Brendon Urie’s birthday
April 21 -  All Time Low’s bassist  Zack Merrick’s birthday 
April 24 - Joe Trohman’s daughter Ruby was born
April 27 - Fall Out Boy’s lead singer Patrick Stump’s birthday AND Brendon and Sarah Urie’s wedding anniversary 
May 3 - Fall Out Boy’s album From Under the Cork Tree was released
May 4 - Panic! at the Disco’s touring member Dallon Weekes’ birthday AND Green Day’s bassist Mike Dirnt’s birthday
May 6 - Fall Out Boy’s album Take This to Your Grave was released
May 13 - Pierce the Veil’s album Misadventures was released
May 17 - Twenty One Pilot’s album Blurryface was released AND Pierce the Veil’s drummer Jaime Preciado’s birthday  
May 21 - Fall Out Boy’s The Youngblood Chronicles released as a whole
May 27 - Gerard Way’s daughter Bandit’s birthday
May 31 - Fall Out Boy’s drummer Andy Hurley’s birthday
June 1 - Blink-182′s album Enema of the State was released
June 5 - Fall Out Boy’s bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz’s birthday
June 6 - All Time Low’s album Dirty Work was released 
June 8 - My Chemical Romance’s album Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge was released
June 12 - Issue #1 of Gerard Way’s The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys was released AND Blink-182′s album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket was released
June 17 - Blink-182′s album Dude Ranch was released 
June 18 - Twenty One Pilot’s drummer Josh Dun’s birthday AND All Time Low’s guitarist Jack Barakat’s birthday
June 21 - Pierce the Veil’s album Selfish Machines was released
June 26 - Pierce the Veil’s album A Flair for the Dramatic was released
July 1 - Blink-182′s album California was released 
July 6 - Panic! at the Disco’s ex-guitarist Ryan Ross left the band
July 7 - All Time Low’s album Nothing Personal was released 
July 8 - Twenty One Pilot’s album Regional at Best was released
July 10 - Issue #2 of Gerard Way’s The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys was released
July 15 - My Chemical Romance’s guitarist Ray Toro’s birthday
July 17 - Pierce the Veil’s album Collide with the Sky was released 
July 19 - All Time Low’s album The Party Scene
July 23 - My Chemical Romance’s album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love was released
August 14 - Issue #3 of Gerard Way’s The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys was released
August 20 - Pete Wentz’s son Saint’s birthday
August 30 - Panic! at the Disco’s ex-guitarist Ryan Ross’s birthday
September 1 - Fall Out Boy’s guitarist Joe Trohman’s birthday
September 2 - Panic! at the Disco’s ex-drummer Spencer Smith’s birthday
September 10 - My Chemical Romance’s bassist Mikey Way’s birthday
September 11 - Issue #4 of Gerard Way’s The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys was released
September 12 - Billie Joe Armstrong’s son Jakob Danger’s birthday
September 17 - Panic! at the Disco’s former bassist Jon Walker’s birthday
September 20 - Green Day’s album American Idiot was released
September 21 - Green Day’s album ¡Uno! was released
September 25 - All Time Low’s album So Wrong, It’s Right was released
September 27 - Panic! at the Disco’s album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out was released AND Blink-182′s album Neighborhoods was released
September 29 - My Chemical Romance’s ex-lead singer Gerard Way’s first solo album, Hesitant Alien, was released
October 3 - Green Day’s album Warning was released
October 8 - Panic! at the Disco’s album Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! was released AND All Time Low’s album Don’t Panic was released 
October 10 - Green Day’s album Insomniac was released
October 13 - Patrick Stump’s son Declan’s birthday
October 14 - Green Day’s album Nimrod was released
October 23 - My Chemical Romance’s album The Black Parade was released
October 31 - My Chemical Romance’s guitarist Frank Iero’s birthday
November 9 - Green Day’s album ¡Dos! was released
November 14 - Blink-182′s drummer Travis Barker’s birthday
November 18 - Blink-182′s self-titled album was released
November 20 - Pete Wentz’s son Bronx’s birthday
November 22 - My Chemical Romance’s album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys was released
December 1 - Twenty One Pilot’s lead singer Tyler Joseph’s birthday
December 4 - Green Day’s album ¡Tré! was released
December 9 - Green Day’s drummer Tre Cool’s birthday
December 10 - Fall Out Boy’s album Folie a Deux was released
December 13 - Blink-182′s guitarist Tom DeLonge’s birthday
December 14 - All Time Low’s lead singer Alex Gaskarth’s birthday AND Pierce the Veil’s drummer Mike Fuentes’ birthday  
December 18 - All Time Low’s drummer Rian Dawson’s birthday
December 25 - Drunk History: Fall Out Boy featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco was released
December 29 - Twenty One Pilot’s self titled album was released
December 30 - Issue #5 of Gerard Way’s The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys was released
December 31 - My Chemical Romance’s drummer Bob Bryar’s birthday

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So today i was grocery shopping with my mom and she had to use the bathroom so i was awkwardly waiting by the cheese for her. Anyway an employee kept looking at me, and i just looked away. He stopped and said to me “dookie right?” I got kinda offended cause i thought he was calling me a piece of shit. So then i said “what?” And he said it again. Then i realized that i was wearing my dookie shirt. And then i said “oh! Yeah!” And he said “great album.” And then he walked away. I’m an idiot!

“I wanted the art work to look really different. I wanted it to represent the East Bay and where we come from, because there’s a lot of artists in the East Bay scene that are just as important as the music. So we talked to Richie Bucher. He did a 7-inch cover for this band called Raooul that I really liked. He’s also been playing in bands in the East Bay for years. There’s pieces of us buried on the album cover. There’s one guy with his camera up in the air taking a picture with a beard. He took pictures of bands every weekend at Gilman’s. The robed character that looks like the Mona Lisa is the woman on the cover of the first Black Sabbath album. AC/DC guitarist Angus Young is in there somewhere too. The graffiti reading "Twisted Dog Sisters” refers to these two girls from Berkeley. I think the guy saying “The fritter, fat boy” was a reference to a local cop.“

-Billie Joe Armstrong on the album art of 1994’s "Dookie”

(Significantly More Than) Six Sentence Sunday: Best Man, Ch 6

Here’s a little preview of Chapter 6, which I hope to (finally) post some time this week.


The Seam has an old juke box—not one of those updated digitalized ones that you can play from your phone if you’re lazy enough—and I’ve flipped to the section that includes a bunch of 90’s rock albums when Finnick sidles up next to me.  He silently watches me peruse song choices for a moment before he speaks up.

“Come on.  Are you really  going to leave that man hanging in what looks like the most uncomfortable and awkward conversation of all time?”

“I think I’m good here,” I deadpan, not bothering to look up, trying to decide between something off Green Day’s Dookie album or one of many inappropriate Sublime songs.

“Katniss, I think she just pet him,” Finnick tells me through clenched teeth. 

I snort.  Of course she did.  Then I impulsively choose “Basket Case,” sliding two of my four quarters into the slot and quickly punching in the song’s numbers before I turn around to see what Finnick’s talking about.  Billie Joe begins singing immediately, and Finnick chuckles at my pick.

It doesn’t take more than a glance his way to see what Finnick means.  Peeta could use some help.  His eyes catch mine from over Delly’s shoulder, and his eyebrows practically touch his hairline.  I have to put my hand to my mouth to disguise my amusement, because Delly’s obliviously leaning into him, and sure enough, her hand’s still on his arm.

“You weren’t kidding,” I murmur.  Finnick looks at me pointedly.  It’s a look that says do something about this or I’m going to be disappointed in you.  And, as I also watch Peeta struggle to smile at Delly, it’s a look that speaks to me.  Because I know that if I don’t do something to save Peeta, I’m also going to be disappointed in myself.

So this is it then.  My time to be brave and speak up.  Because Finnick’s right—I can’t leave Peeta hanging.  I sigh, handing my remaining quarters over to Finnick.  “Here.  Play something good.”

He smiles.  “Atta girl.”

Then I make my way back over to the group, feeling Peeta’s gaze on me as I stop first at the other end of the table, grabbing Prim’s elbow and rudely interrupting the conversation she’s having with Annie in order to hiss something in her ear.

“Please don’t make a big deal over what’s about to happen, all right?”

“What?” she asks, looking truly confused, and also a little annoyed that I’m being so impolite.  But right now is not the time to worry about manners.  I scrunch my nose, and my heart begins to beat faster, anticipating what I’m about to do. 

“Just try and remember that whole ‘it’s none of my business speech’ you just gave me, okay?”

All I receive is another quizzical look in response.  But I’m too busy heading back to my seat and Peeta to explain any further. Besides, who am I kidding?  It’s probably a useless request anyway.

I place a hand on the middle of Peeta’s back once I reach him, and his eyes snap to mine at the touch.  “Hey,” I say, like it’s no big deal that I’m showing an outright sign of affection, even though it’s clear neither of us is sure what I’m doing.