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Rulan what do i wear to see green day in august i wanna look punk but not #fake punk lol

if it’s an indoor venue i wouldn’t worry too much as long as you are comfortable and not overheating!!! i think i wore jeans and a dookie shirt, and i also saw a bunch of people wearing really cool jean jackets/vests so you could do that (jean vest might work in an outdoor venue too)!! if it’s an outdoor venue i would definitely wear a tank top or something or else you will overheat and feel very dehydrated. i have a black flag shirt that i cut into a tank top/crop top and it’s frickin awesome in the summer.


So my grandma, who doesn’t speak English, got me this Green Day Dookie shirt for my birthday and I still can’t stop laughing. She thought it said “great day” & said that the little dogs on the bottom reminded her of my dog Grace. I guess she didn’t realize that they were also blazing up. Hands down the greatest gift of all time.

So today i was grocery shopping with my mom and she had to use the bathroom so i was awkwardly waiting by the cheese for her. Anyway an employee kept looking at me, and i just looked away. He stopped and said to me “dookie right?” I got kinda offended cause i thought he was calling me a piece of shit. So then i said “what?” And he said it again. Then i realized that i was wearing my dookie shirt. And then i said “oh! Yeah!” And he said “great album.” And then he walked away. I’m an idiot!