dookie shirt

nice green day related memories;

- the time i was off my tits on mdma and i lay on the bowling green on bank park and yelled out that i was the jesus of suburbia

- the time i was in level with caitlin and basket case came on and i cried and had like three minutes of total euphoria

- the time i was at retro bar watching my friend’s band and they played jesus of suburbia and i was having a super emotional day and lmao you guessed it i cried

- the time i went to a gig at my friend’s flat and i was drunk and one of the guys on the line up played welcome to paradise and then later they put warning on for me and i sat by the speakers and ??? did i cry ?? idk probably

- the time i was walking through town wearing my dookie shirt and walked past a busker playing f.o.d and we had a Moment

So today i was grocery shopping with my mom and she had to use the bathroom so i was awkwardly waiting by the cheese for her. Anyway an employee kept looking at me, and i just looked away. He stopped and said to me “dookie right?” I got kinda offended cause i thought he was calling me a piece of shit. So then i said “what?” And he said it again. Then i realized that i was wearing my dookie shirt. And then i said “oh! Yeah!” And he said “great album.” And then he walked away. I’m an idiot!