dookie album

someone: okay tell me something about yourself mac

me: the bassline of “longview” by green day on their best album dookie was written on lsd. so was the verse performed by na'kel on earl sweatshirt’s “dna”. na'kel had just moments before received a call saying a close friend of his died. do you know how “maggot brain” by funkadelic wa–

mxskedman asked:

Okay but, best Green Day album? Dookie, hands down, fIGHT ME. (is this ic/crack?? who knows)

“I never said this, but Dookie is the best album with Warning as a close second. However, everything after Warning is a complete waste of time and while I appreciate the idea of American Idiot, it wasn’t that great as an album or song since, Dookie is their best album and Minority is the best song hands down.”

anonymous asked:

Heyyyyyy I was on Tumblr doing my thing going with Green Day and I saw your blog and you had a shirt that said welcome to paradise with the dookie album on it. I gOT THE SAME SHIRT

Great minds think alike 😏

February 1st

So I looked up my birthday, and historically some interesting shit happened on it. Slavery was abolished in America, the French declared war on the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, the first edition of the Oxford English dictionary was published, Texas seceded from the United states, the first movie studio finished construction, the first offensive actions taken by the United states against Japan during WWII began, the official external radio, and television broadcast system of the United states government began broadcasting, the parliament of Hungary was abolished, and made the Hungarian Republic, the Beatles had their first number one hit in the United states, green day released the album dookie, the space shuttle Columbia failed to reenter earth’s atmosphere killing all seven astronauts aboard, Janet Jackson’s boobie popped out during a superbowl halftime show, and the world’s first openly LGBT head of government was appointed in Iceland.


And I share that birthday with Lisa Marie Presley, and Harry Styles. Less kewl.

pressrepete asked:

Green day!

How long have I listened to them? my dad was a really big fan in high school / college so i grew up listening to them
Favourite song: coming clean
Least Favourite song: idk
Favourite Album: dookie
First song I’ve heard from them: brainstew probably
Have I ever Seen them in Concert? nope
Any merch I posess: a couple shirts
Favourite recorded concert, If available: reading fest
Favourite Single/Music Video: 21 guns
Favourite Member, current: billie joe armstrong

anonymous asked:

green day

I’m not gonna lie I’m not a big fan of green day so
favourite song: 21 guns
least favourite song: idk
have i ever seen them live: no
favourite band member: tré
least favourite band member: none
how many of their albums i have: 2
favourite album: dookie
favorite lyrics: honestly I don’t know ://
favorite music video: Jesus of suburbia
ever met any members: nope


just-a-little-deranged asked:

Green Day

Favourite song: I’m gonna be lame and just say basket case
Least Favourite song: don’t really have one
Favourite Album: dookie
First song I’ve heard from them: wake me up when september ends
Have I ever Seen them in Concert?: nah but I kinda want to
Any merch I posess: none
Favourite recorded concert, If available: none
Favourite Single/Music Video: the video for american idiot
Favourite Member, current: billie joe
Favourite Former member(if available): none