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8th mini album ‘ORDINARY’ - Doojoon’s special message: 오래보자 (t: Let’s meet for a long time)

INTERVIEW / Dazed Korea August issue: EXTRAORDINARY

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Yoon Doojoon

Q:Why is it that whenever BEAST does an interview the expressions ‘we survived’ or ‘we were lucky’ come out?
A: That’s because we survived and that we were lucky. We debuted at a good timing and are promoting all the way till today.

Q: Popular singers such as MBLAQ, 2NE1, 4MINUTE debuted at around the same timing too. It wasn’t like a great timing where you guys received attention immediately.
A: It was like that back then, but it was a time that was way better than what it is like now. Recently, like what you’ve said, you fall asleep and wake up and there’s a new idol group out there.

Q: Because of that you now have many juniors in the industry. What is the biggest change in Yoon Doojoon in the approximately 7 years that you’ve debuted.
A: I’ve become more like an adult. It may be because I’ve aged, but also because I’ve constantly been holding on and living at the edge of the precipice.

Q: When do you feel like you’ve matured?
A: I’ve become more composed. For things that I think can be overlooked, I just let them past naturally.

Q: We’ve heard that ‘there are more things that I’ve given up on’ too.
A: The things that are good are good. To be honest, the things that you’ve thought to be small and unimportant become blunt. Because I have the kind of personality that will tend to think deeply and constantly about the smallest things, so I made life difficult for myself. Now I don’t do that anymore and I feel more at ease.

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