i said id do that act your age redesign thing so have some headcanons

  • phineas is into EXTREME ENGINEERING and will fight anyone who believes in the friendzone
  • ferb is genderfluid and is gonna be an architect
  • isabella is not interested in phineas she is interested in child psychology and all the girls in her old fireside troop
  • baljeet is aiming to become a neurosurgeon waht a nerd
  • buford wants to be a vet that rides a monster truck and writes plays and marries baljeet or smth
  • they all wear friendship/promise rings b/c they are baby children



hey there, pnf fandom fam!! it’s your local troublemaker here filling you in on the latest shenanigans that i need your help with!

seeing the reaction of ‘the last day of summer’ from the phineas and ferb fandom and even myself, i thought showing a little appreciation to dan & swampy would be great especially during this time. whether ‘the last day of summer’ is a season or a series finale, some sort of chapter is closing on the phineas and ferb gang we’ve all grown to love and adore. 

if you would like to participate in this project, you can send any form of appreciation for dan&swampy to the OP’s submission box or email (@ up until june 10, 2015. your contribution could range from a small note sharing how these past 8 years have been swell, a deep letter on how much this show has impacted you, fanart you’ve created, and so on. the way you want to show your thanks is totally up to you and i will work with you on any idea you may have! when you submit your contribution, let me know any info you would want me to list on your work (example: (nick)name, country, age, fav color, preferred brand of toilet paper, etc.) and it’s totally cool to just list your nickname!

what i’ll be doing throughout this project is scrap-booking our works of thanks into a lil book. i also have the hook-up to this trophy/plaque designer studio and i’m looking into making some some sort of cheesy award for dan&swampy awarded by us as a collective fanbase. once it’s ready to go, i’ll contact D&S on the next steps for us to send the gift over. 

AH i would love to make this happen!! we’ll really make these two home dawgs super happy and acknowledge how all of their hard work & perseverance has meant so much to so many people. they both have helped us all find each other and even ourselves in so many respects, and hopefully some of y’all can share your stories/thoughts/feels and make this project a banging success. 

thank you for taking the time to read all of this! again, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, my ask box is ready for you. thank y’all and i hope you all have a fantastic day! :’)

Edited the answer to this askphinbella question into a fall picture. 

I live in Florida so I have actually never seen fall before…Seems like something I’d want to be outside 100% of the time for.

They’re young adults here. Hooray for tattoos and piercings!

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