woo more pnf monster au stuff. Some sketches and doodles to get out some points regarding this au. okay so..

  1. Linda’s a vampire (obviously) and Lawrence is a mad scientist (though he does have some stitches here and there cuz of some not so successful experiments) 
  2. Ferb can shock people at will though strong emotion or water can trigger some involuntary sparks. and needs a recharge every so often or else he slowly shuts down
  3. Its a common fact that things that are good for you don’t usually taste that good, or at least compared to junk food . so in this au blood doesn’t taste that great to vampires, yes they need it in their daily diet to survive but that doesn’t mean they have to love it I’m sure as they get older they adapt to its taste.
  4. lastly. Candace teaches Phineas how to be a bat (their mom insisted) and Ferb likes to watch their nightly bat sessions

i said id do that act your age redesign thing so have some headcanons

  • phineas is into EXTREME ENGINEERING and will fight anyone who believes in the friendzone
  • ferb is genderfluid and is gonna be an architect
  • isabella is not interested in phineas she is interested in child psychology and all the girls in her old fireside troop
  • baljeet is aiming to become a neurosurgeon waht a nerd
  • buford wants to be a vet that rides a monster truck and writes plays and marries baljeet or smth
  • they all wear friendship/promise rings b/c they are baby children



I’ve never made an AMV before and I probably never will again but the fact that I haven’t seen anyone else do this yet is criminal


I did it I did the thing

Baljeet casting a verbal spell written by mainland spell-caster fairies that would help Buford withstand the night time temperatures in the Winter Woods.

I don’t think it works out very well, since Baljeet’s magic is weak compared to spell-caster talents.

Also eyyy look at me always getting better at digital painting~


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Summer Belongs to Us ☀ Phineas & Ferb Tribute

❝ Now the sun has set on this, another extraordinary day. And when it comes around again, you know I’ll say, tell me what you wanna do today❞