Cedric and Baileywick for charming Doofapus~

AWW, thank you so much for helping Verdi and Tiptoes! And I had LOTS of fun with these two, they are adorable XD

The request was to draw Cedric looking sneaky and trying to keep Baileywick’s pocketwatch away from him (with the chain still attached to the butler) and Baileywick annoyed and trying to get it back, and ehehehee, I guess I got carried away a bit, I hope you like it! XDD

Thank you so much, Doofapus! X)))

…. Continuing the sticky note doodles and going slightly to the ‘Nightmare Fuel’ side of the Force, the Flynn-Fletcher Brothers as Playtpus Brothers. 

Cue Perry freaking out.

Was joking with Winter that Phineas would probably keep trying to bite Ferb’s tail, Perry’s all 'Oh no honey, you’re not ready for that’ at him, Phineas getting confused because he just thinks it’s fun, and Ferb’s going ’….’ at both of them.  

…. This one is not going on my Wall o'doodles at work… 

Doofapus aka Epic Perryshmirtz Episode *SPOILER ALERT*

Dan and Swampy created the Doofapus episode. And Perryshmirtz fangirls the world over squeed.

Seriously, if you weren’t laughing at the expression on Perry’s face when Doofenshmirtz reveals that he turned himself into a platypus, then you’ll laugh at the scene when Doof and Perry stop their fighting to have tea and as Doofenshmirtz is asking Perry if he ever gets tired of lugging his tail around, Perry smiles at him. Rather fondly, I might add.

I am personally chocking that up as Perry and Doof’s first date.

Meanwhile, in the Phineas and Ferb plot, Buford complains that a smoothie made of dragon isn’t exotic enough, which leads the famous brothers to create a machine that will turn solids to liquids, thus allowing them to try more exotic drinks.

When it’s Isabella’s turn to go next, we get this awesome exchange between her and Phineas:

Phineas: Isabella, you wanna go next?
Isabella: Why yes. How about a romantic dinner for two? [the device hits the romantic dinner food, turning it into liquid]. Wanna sip Phineas?
Phineas: Oh, no thanks
Isabella: Oh, okay. I understand. You want to keep yourself open to other drink options, I get it.
Phineas: Actually, I didn’t want to say anything in front of everybody, but, it’s I don’t like zucchini
Isabella: Oh. 

Another strike for Isabella, but very very clever girl.

And we learn that Buford has life-sized molds of everybody. I’m not sure which part of this I found more disturbing: that fact alone, or Linda’s nonchalent reply to Candace that Buford has molds of everyone.

Seriously, how would Linda even know that?