Have a mini Flat Dreams sketchdump! ;w; (one day i’ll actually do an illustration for this, ONE DAAAAAY lol) I love baby Billy so much ;__; 

If you haven’t heard of Flat Dreams, go check it out over here! It’s a really amazing fic for Bill’s backstory by @pengychan and it’s cute and sad and BILL HAS A REALLY SWEET ADORABLE BROTHER WHO NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS ;~; 

Commission for @pengychan! This is based on @altairattorney‘s fic, Stickers, and iT’S SERIOUSLY SO CUTE ;u; It’s Stan and Mabel bonding and IT’S ADORABLE <3 

Hope you like it!! ;u; Thank you for the commissions, too! 

also this started out in my normal style and then slowly morphed into gf style lol. i honestly don’t know what happened XD so here’s my attempt at gf style! 

Commission info here!