I drew this little shit during the stream :3c I might do more sketches like this? They’re really fun! 

Mabel Pines Appreciation Week! Day 02: Favorite AU 

When I got into Gravity Falls, @starfleetrambo’s Demonic Guardians AU was one of the first AUs I found and it was one of the reasons why I got into the fandom and fell in love with the show lol. I love the idea of Dipper and Mabel being paired up with Bill and Tad/Dot, plus Mabel and Tad’s friendship IS THE CUTEST THING EVER AHH 

also not super happy with this (mabel looks weird for some reason ;~;) but tad looks adorable so i’m posting it for him lol 

Have a mini Flat Dreams sketchdump! ;w; (one day i’ll actually do an illustration for this, ONE DAAAAAY lol) I love baby Billy so much ;__; 

If you haven’t heard of Flat Dreams, go check it out over here! It’s a really amazing fic for Bill’s backstory by @pengychan and it’s cute and sad and BILL HAS A REALLY SWEET ADORABLE BROTHER WHO NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS ;~; 


Stream doodles! A lot of these are based on the Axolotl Cult chats lmao. 

(I accidentally made a slightly AU version of Bill, who shows up in the chats lol. He’s post-finale Bill and, although he’s regenerated, he has no power really and he’s just really pissed off at his situation lol. We give him hugs and he acts like he hates it, but he actually likes hugs a lot xD HE’S SO ADORABLE UGH) 

Also more Rena and human!Bill stuff 8D I can’t wait to watch this episode of Baby Fights!! rena’s gonna kick his dorito ass lololol 

@chibidragonfandoms @dixie-biscuits @soraftrash 


Did some requests and things during a stream earlier as an attempt to get back into drawing. Hopefully these look okies!! ;w; 

The first two are (of course) Bill and Will, while the last one is my OC Reny! I may do another doodle stream soon, so if you have any prompts, feel free to send me some! 


dipper why are your hands so bony bby ;__; (i need to practice drawing hands *headdesk*) 

Sketch that started out VERY randomly and I have no idea where I was going with it, but hey I’m happy with it lol. Trying out a new style, at least for the facial features, which is fun, and Bipper just showed up at the end lol. 

I may color this, but I’m not sure yet :T We’ll see~ 

Music: Who Are You, Really? – Mikky Ekko