A Barrage of doodly things that I haven’t posted in a while...

Some sketches I drew from a previous mini request event in another site.

>Italy-kun trying out Sushi while Japan goes ‘doki doki’ with anticipation at Italy’s reaction to its taste

> Australia and Koala-san!

>Japan and America watching a scary movie . (I want to see America’s face)

> Chibi Englanddd

>The trio having fun at the island~!

> Hungary-kun!

> Something with Seychelles and America with the feeling of
“I’m not really sure what they’d be doing but I think it would be fun to think of something.”

> Mr. England and Liechtenstein 

> Iceland drinking soft drink

((Uwaah Apologies for the inactivity everyone! I was busy drawing more stuff. Please look forward for some fanarts soon~!))