doodly thingy


I was scrolling one of my folder with arts and i found this little piece of doodle that i made because of remix So Cool~ xD C: I thought that my idea for this was cool heh 8) xD and only the realization could be better so i thought that i’m gonna redraw it :P
And now you can see the results :D And i don’t care if it’s not perfect, i’m just super happy and proud when i see how much i progressed over that time C:
So anyways, Mark in Space C: Hope you like it! :D
I think that you can tell which doodle was draw now and then xD If you can’t then the colorful doodleios from now c: xD

☀ from zadderlee‘s amazing fic, “fake it, make it” ☀

And when Hinata can’t help but tease him, saying that teeny purple hair clips suit him and you should try wearing them to school tomorrow, Kageyama, he has to remind himself how that sort of thing is a little outside of their repertoire of taunts, and they don’t have an audience to pander to. Except for Natsu, but she’s so absorbed in her task that she probably wouldn’t notice if the room was on fire, much less what either of them are saying. Hinata’s gotten so good at pretending lately that sometimes he doesn’t even realise he’s doing it. So good, in fact, that sometimes he doesn’t feel like he’s pretending at all.

metalosse  asked:

Hi c: for the doodly thingy what about Ultimis!Richtofen with B8 and Samantha with DA (and if you want A7 Primis!Nikolai) c: thanks you have a great weekend :3