doodly thingy


I was scrolling one of my folder with arts and i found this little piece of doodle that i made because of remix So Cool~ xD C: I thought that my idea for this was cool heh 8) xD and only the realization could be better so i thought that i’m gonna redraw it :P
And now you can see the results :D And i don’t care if it’s not perfect, i’m just super happy and proud when i see how much i progressed over that time C:
So anyways, Mark in Space C: Hope you like it! :D
I think that you can tell which doodle was draw now and then xD If you can’t then the colorful doodleios from now c: xD

soulofargent  asked:

Hi c: for the doodly thingy what about Ultimis!Richtofen with B8 and Samantha with DA (and if you want A7 Primis!Nikolai) c: thanks you have a great weekend :3