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The role-reversal AU LIIIIIIIIIIVES!

No matter how many times I play KH1, I always forget that you don’t actually go through that door. Also sorry I’m still allergic to refs. But even in screenshots I’m convinced Sora could shimmy through there if he wanted. And Kairi would have an even easier time since she’s not burdened with popper pants. 

PS if you’re wondering about the Keyblade, it’s stuck through her belt. If you’re further wondering why the hell that works, ask the guy who draws the manga and decided that Sora can do it. 

if i get 420 followers on my main blog haha 100 followers on this blog i gotta give you guys something to show how much i’m really thankful for you all following me!

Plus that Krinx Speedpaint! Oh man, 1500+ hits?? THAT’S CRAZY. I CAN’T BELIEVE THERE ARE 1500 PEOPLE WHO HAVE SEEN ME DRAW?? OR WATCHED THIS OVER AND OVER AGAIN??? I’m so shocked and happy!

Everyone in the comments were really nice and supportive about this! I have to say this made my week and I have to thank Krism for showing it to everyone! ;O;