Ever since Lalna Able Hector joined our employment at Yoglabs Research Facilities he has been nothing but an extremely valuable asset to us. His doctorate thesis titled ‘Theory on the Lusii Sapiens’ was originally of much interest to us, despite the controversial subject matter of the text.

Under the employment of Yoglabs Dr. Hector was a cornerstone in the development of  RCR, Rapid Cell Regeneration, a medical procedure in which the metabolism and cell generation of the body is sped up greatly by external stimuli. This results in tissue regrowth and almost instantaneous fibrosis, which can be lifesaving due to its effects on sustained physical trauma.

Today RCR treatment is commonplace as it has been perfected, and is typically administered in liquid form for oral consumption.

Dr. Hectors rose through the ranks at Yoglabs, and soon found himself leading the research and development team for his very own invention; The Hereditary Transcript Chamber, as well as the LS Incubation Vat.
Funds and resources were pooled into the project, which was completed around three years after its official announcement.

After another year of perfecting the procedure Dr. Hector himself volounteered as the first human to undergo the HTC scanning procedure. He sustained no injuries, and the scan was a success. 

Through trial and error Dr. Hector and his assisting reseach team would come to learn that the copied vector data of the Primordial needed to be as recent as possible for the LS to turn out viable. Time after time Dr. Hector himself would insist on acting as the Primordial for the LS; stating “I didn’t spend half my life resarching this so you could clone someone else!”.

Almost a full year later Dr. Hector had perfected the formula, and the first Lusus Sapiens awoke. The first LS (LS1), simply nicknamed “Cain”, proved to not only be sentient but intelligent, having displayed the ability to solve complex algebraic equasions, comprehend formal scientific research text, and has shown signs of comprehending theorems relating to particle physics.

The project was however never fully perfected, and is still being worked on today. This mainly due to the departure of Dr. Hector from the employment of Yoglabs, following an incident in the workplace. His departure was on his own terms, for the sake of his own mental and physical welbeing. While progress has since slowed we are surely on the verge of a breakthrough!

Dr. L. Xephos.

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🌟 tsukkiyama snaps: animals 🌙

“tsukki likes living things” – thank you furudate for this sketch (full post) and thank you to the people who scanned/translated it; i have been crying over this one sentence since

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ficprompts1d5sos said: “I was wondering if you could draw the boys as different disney characters or dressed in disney Halloween costumes? Thank you xx”

Cal as Aladdin, Ash as Hercules, Mikey as Boo, and Luke as Sleeping Beauty