I’m actually happy to post this. I wanted to do a redraw of an older sketch just to see how I’ve progressed. About a year ago I really cracked down on trying to make my art more fluid and not so stiff. After doing a very long, frustrating, and tiring Disney study I feel like I’ve actually gotten somewhere. I can actually say I’m feeling way more comfortable now with my evolving style and although there were tons of lip biting moments, It has been such a fun progress! Still have lots to improve on, but I’m happy with the results so far. …these 2 have really helped me out tho. The picture on the left was drawn on January 27th of this year, and the one on the right was November 13th, today. There’s a difference, but its not substantial obviously. 10 months of literally doodling everyday and this is the result. It really puts into perspective just how much work goes into doing fun little doodles like this, and how much time it takes to improve. Something to keep in mind about the hard work and time put into these things. Don’t give up and give things time, the final results are always fun but the journey getting there can be just as enjoyable.