doodling on the back of an envelope

“This doesn’t concern you,” she snaps heatedly, “You’ve never cared before, what makes me think you’d care now?” Silence follows her words, and Mikasa scoffs, stung even as she expects nothing less. She turns to leave.

She’s surprised, however, when she’s suddenly jerked back, arms enveloping her from behind. Mikasa stiffens, too startled to resist- because in all the years she’s known him, never once has Levi touched her so openly, nor intimately. He leans into her, pressing closely. He sighs, and she feels his breath ghost over her skin.

“I care,” he murmurs quietly into her shoulder, “much more than you think.”


Rivamika doodle, and drabble :)


smth i made for my old outdoor kitty haha

literally almost everyone on my street knows him by name and hang out with him and stuff (i think some of them let him inside their homes.. idk–) but since he owns the “cat territory” on my street, he tends to linger on other neighbor’s yards and chill lol

we live near an elementary school too, so a lot of the kids who walk by go “hey cheeto!” and im all “who tf do u think u are, how do you know my cat-” but its cool to see when they pet him and coo him like he’s a good friend <3 (i theorize he has a secret fanclub)

one time, a couple years back, we were running low on kitty feed for him and one of the neighbors left a sweet letter at our door asking if Cheeto was eating well because they were concerned about his weight. it was the cutest thing ever <3 they even doodled him on the envelope ahhh

i thought it was only appropriate to let the street know he’s gonna be leaving soon ;0 i feel bad but we’re going to a good place and i think he’ll have fun in a new environment. maybe he’ll even win over our new neighbor’s affection too, haha!!