endangeredslug asked:

Doodle Prompt: Belle reading things she shouldn't out loud and Rumple comes crawling out of the book. (I realize that's more than a doodle, but it's what I've got)

I always laugh at the thought of people coming out of books because, books are rather small-and Rumple is finding out why that’s not a good thing.

slides in a sneak peek of what i’m doodlin’ because I’m gonna cover up half the tricky stuff with a shitty boa and i’ll never get to show it off

fun fact: often when I draw something I’ll just put like one or two songs on loop the whole time to keep myself in the mood

this gets really really annoying on drawing that take me over an hour

nongaybae asked:

Real Inside rumple trying on the other animatronics clothes, please

That poor Prince animatronic’s costume didn’t survive after Rumple had to get himself to fit into it. :B I think he did it on purpose though.