doodlin at work

Work break doodles~ 

Presenting: Mystic Messenger Superhero AU Costume Designs!! I already have a plot laid out, with MC as a customizable hero possessing a base power of memory manipulation and mind reading~ You get to choose the third power! <3

Credits to @rikinspu and @omelette-douche-fromage for helping me on Zen’s outfit, it’s ironic how I was struggling over my own bby’s suit HAHAH


some draws before i go to bed 8)

anonymous asked:

35, 41, 67, 81

Who is your celebrity crush?
Ricky. Fucking.Ubeda
Top ten favorite songs?:
1: Dope
3: Run
4: I need U
5: Macavity the mystery cat
6: Literally any CATS songs
7: Literally any starlight express song
8: Just about every Nirvana song
9: yeah that’s it
10: bye
What are your hobbies?
Doodlin, working on me comic, dancin, making myself stretch for HOURS ON END™

Last person you called?

My mom?