You need to do the devil’s work to have the devil’s power. Luckily, we have someone to steal the souls for us.

The Flourite Reaper was a rebound project after The Underdogs failed. It solely existed to keep me working, and, although the concept has potential, it never got developed past 4(ish) chapters. All the roughs of those chapters have been uploaded for your enjoyment  Here.

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hum, you know, i have always been about zevran and fenris together in any capacity. i feel that they have a lot of similarities that are often overlooked. they’re both loyal to a fault, completely committed to persons or things and that gets them in a world of trouble. they’ve both been through so much, both probably have their issues, both still fight for something (tenaciously). i think these two would feel very comfortable and safe around each other. i guess there will be lots of people who disagree? and certainly i can see zevran and fenris disagreeing about a lot. but for me they are too similar, i feel like they’d be magnetised to each other, like they would have the worst sarcastic bitchfests but then wake up in the same bed, and zevran would roll into fenris’ lap and be like, hey look at this cool knife