I knew seeing Alina betwen Mal, the Darling, and Nikolai reminded me of something!!! You could say she has the patience of a saint between all three of them!!!

Yeah so I got bored and decided to draw some smols of the paladins and alteans :3

As you can probably tell, I love the :3 face

A lot

Also yes, you’re not seeing things– there is a faint heart between lance and keith (because I’m absolute trash)

Yeah so uhm

I drew this last night when I had my anxiety attack, and I keep looking at it and I really like it? And it seems like it might help someone out whoever might see this so…

@lukasha-dove already saw this but haha, I thought it looked nice enough to post so…

Have my sona Luce telling y'all that you CAN get through all of this– yeah life is pretty freaking hard right now with all the crap 2016 has been throwing at us but we CAN GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER. Trust me; I have faith in all of you guys and myself too. Even though I’ve got these moments it’d probably be so much easier to just end it all already, I’ve held myself together pretty well, and I hope you guys can do that too. So…

Yeah. Just wanted to let you guys know that even if I have no idea who you are, I believe you can do this. You can get through all this crap. I know you can.