This story is 100% better for the appearance of a Native Hawaiian in it. I believe in this Aquaman because I can see that he was born of a people who have stayed connected with the ocean for hundreds of years. I believe in this Atlantis because it stops being a clever gimmick for the use of our story and starts being a real place grounded in fact and history.

I cannot think of a casting choice or redesign that has done more for a character. I cannot think of a presentation that has made me so strongly think: Wow, that actually makes sense. I cannot think of a character reworking that feels so embarrassingly obvious. It is the most inspired decision in comics for a very, very long time.

These are the kinds of casting choices and narratives that we deserve. This should be the new standard. I want actors and character backgrounds that enhance the stories we’re telling, rather than relying upon what we’d been given previously. I want a Pacific Islander Aquaman to appear prominently in the comics. I want a black Black Canary who has responded to the stereotype of emotional/angry black women by keeping quiet—until she’s had enough and starts to scream. I want a Wonder Woman whose misunderstanding and disregard of the patriarchy is such that she is never depicted with shaved underarms or legs.

should you fight this green lantern?

hal jordan: absolutely fucking fight hal jordan. fight him for no good fucking reason. he knows what he did.  he fucking knows. 100000% fight hal jordan.

guy gardner: this is a tricky one because unlike hal, who you can probably get with an easy sucker punch, guy is absolutely just a person who lives his life as intermittent moments between unnecessary bar fights. like, fight guy gardner if you want, but please decide which teeth you want to lose beforehand.

john stewart: you’re not gonna win this one.

kyle rayner: man why the fuck would you fight kyle? what has he ever done to anyone but been the best pup he can be? kyle has done nothing to hurt you how dare you try to fight him. think about your fucking choices. unless he’s spent his time drawing anime at which point i’ve changed my mind you should definitely fight him.

simon baz: like do you just go around punching people who don’t deserve it? simon doesn’t need this in his life. simon doesn’t need your punk ass trying to start a goddamn fight. what is wrong with you?

jade: don’t fucking fight jade! jade is an angel sent from green heaven. jade may or may not exist anymore. don’t fight jade.

arisia rrab: do not fight a 14 year old girl. but fight the fucking writers on her behalf. like drive to the writers’ homes and fight each one of them individually and show no fucking mercy. you fucking fight them for arisia and you fight them for all of us.

katma tui: like, maybe fight katma? like she’s done nothing wrong to anyone but if you want a fight she’ll probably entertain it. so like, it’s really up to you on this one.

abin sur: i mean, he’s dead

kilowog: lol

thaal sinestro: though no longer even remotely a green lantern, i cannot emphasize enough how much you need to fight thaal sinestro. pull on his mustache and then remind him of all his past failures. ask him why hal jordan hasn’t returned his calls. don’t just fight sinestro. make sinestro cry. do it.