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just..what if, what if, in the very last episode of Supernatural they pan down the camera on Dean and Cas and it’s just…

I’d be stuck between wanting to hug the writers or kill them

These days I read in a profile casual tv shows’ fan and what the hell does that mean

Do you not get completely obsessed with every show you watch and stay up till 3am reading fics and theorizying and suffering with every gif that appears in your dashboard even though you already saw that same scene 10 times what

How does that even work

What are you

Wake Up, Dean

Summary: Dean is cursed and Sam thinks reader is the only one who can save him…

Square Filled: First Kiss

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,200ish

Rating: explicit (no smut, just language)

A/N: Written/created for @spnkinkbingo

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OTP/OT3 Prompt

A and B have been good friends for a really long time now, when they discover they have a crush on the same person, which leads to a big discussion and race against the other. Both think the other deserves to be with C more than themselves.
They put the other on perfect dates with C that they sabotage constantly. C is both confused and amused by this.

So @spencespin just sent me this and it’s a really great idea because Misha is an amazing human being:

“Hi! So since #thanksmisha happened this week, mostly related to gishwhes things, I propose that starting midnight pdt on the 20th we have an awesome day of anecdotes, donations in misha’s name etc with the hashtag #mishasday

Followed swiftly by the most embarrassing pic/gif you can find of course

Wanna help spread the word?”