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If The Marauders were Still Alive (headcannons)

(In response to an ask)

-If they were still alive…

•When Harry got his Hogwarts letter James immediately ripped it open without even showing it to Harry because he was just so excited for his son. Without even acknowledging Harry’s presence or Lily’s laughter, he just sits cris-crossed on the floor making little comments about Harry’s school supply list.

“What? You don’t have to read {insert book title}. It was the best! Don’t worry Harry, you can borrow my old copy, though it may have some old doodles in it from Sirius-”

•When Harry is really young he thinks that they have a dog because whenever Sirius is over he turns into his Animagus form and he’s over at the Potters’ so much that it’s kinda hard not to think that.

And James, Lily, Remus and Peter go along with it and one dayJames brings home a bright pink glittery dog collar and asks little Harry to put it on ‘Snuffles’. Harry does it and even though Sirius hates it, he keeps it on because he loves Harry so much (Remus like it too, but for *coughs* other reasons).

•When Harry turns eleven and has to go to Diagon Alley, It’s not just James and Lily that take him shopping, it’s the whole damn Marauders squad. They’re just casually walking through the streets and suddenly someone starts clapping for them, and then more people join in and it turns into just the whole street clapping for the Marauders because most of them remember hearing tales about what the group did, and many parents were friends of theirs.

Needlessly to say James and Sirius take a dramatic bow while Remus and Lily are looking at each other like

“These are the people we chose to marry”

And Peter is just laughing along and buying Harry a chocolate frog off of a street witch while Harry asks him why all those people are clapping for them. Peter just chuckles and goes “We had a bit of a reputation at school”

•When Harry goes into Madam Malkin’s and sees Draco, James immediately steps in front of his son as if to protect him.

“What’s wrong, Dad?”

“There’s a Malfoy there… can’t mistake him. I remember his father-”

But then Lily comes over and whispers in his ear

“Remember Sirius’s parents? They were awful people but look how Sirius turned out?” They look out the shop window to see Sirius with his arm around Remus’s shoulders sitting on a bench in conversation with Peter.

“You’re right”

And James himself introduces Harry to Draco, and the two immediately hit it off.

•Just before Harry is about to leave for Hogwarts, the Marauders get together (without Lily, because she’d definitely disapprove) and tell Harry all the stories they can. Harry just sits there in wonder like

‘How will I ever live up to that’

But at the end of the night, James goes and gets a box out of his room and puts it in Harry’s hands.

“This is yours now. Use it well.”

Harry opens the box and it’s the invisibility cloak. Remus then takes the Marauder’s Map out and shows Harry how to use it, then hands it over (“use it responsibly”)

•When Harry comes home for winter break he talks about how great Gryffindor is and his best friends Ron and Hermione, but also about Draco from Slytherin and how he has “the prettiest hair and his eyes sparkle-” and Remus and Sirius just give each other knowing looks.

And he’s about to say something else after talking about his classes but hesitates; everyone asks him about it, but he denies everything.

•He goes back to school after winter break and some time after his second Quidditch match as the youngest seeker in a century, one morning at breakfast he gets a howler.

He knows fully well what it is because he grew up in a house with the Marauders who liked to send them back and forth for fun-



But anyway, he gets one and looks at his friends and then at Draco across the hall because he’s absolutely terrified an doesn’t know what he did. Eventually (with much convincing) he opens it.


YOUR MOTHER AND I ARE SO PROUD OF YOU HOLY SHI-” and then it’s Lily’s voice.

“Harry, sweetie we’re so proud of you! You must’ve gotten some of James’s talent-” (you can hear James going crazy in the background; knocking stuff over and generally screaming like a psychopath) “where James got his, I have no idea”

And then it’s just Remus, Sirius and Peter going crazy (yes, even Moony).

When it finally ends, the great hall just sits stunned for a moment, before Dumbledore starts slow clapping and everyone joins in. All the teachers are just rolling their eyes because they definitely remember the Marauders. About 5 seconds later the Potters’ owl flies in with a new Nimbus 2000 and a note that says ‘Don’t tell your mother’

•Harry bringing Draco home in their 5th year to meet his parents over Christmas break, and when he goes home Harry has to remind his parents and uncles that “No, we aren’t dating! That’s absolutely absurd!” And everyone just looking at each other like ‘yeah, sure kid’

•Harry choosing to be a pro Quidditch player as his profession after admitting to his parents that he snuck out one night with Ron, Hermione and Draco to go try out for Puddlemore United because they had just lost their seeker and he made the team.

And James and Sirius crying with pride because their little Harry is going to be a world famous Quidditch player.

“There won’t be a person alive who doesn’t know his name” James said while ruffling his son’s hair.

•Harry in his 6th year asking Remus when he knew he was gay and coming out to Moony and Padfoot as Bi and both of them going

“Yeah, we know”

And Harry just looking so surprised and then telling them that he and Draco started dating in October and that he wanted to have him for Christmas but didn’t want to tell his dad why, and James (who was under the invisibility cloak)

“Yeah, sure he can come. But no sex after 11 pm.”

And Harry screaming like a girl from surprise and then sputtering like an idiot in response to the sex comment.

•Peter taking Harry to honeydukes before he was allowed to go with his school and Peter just completely spoiling him and buying so much that they can hardly get it home.

They sneak through the house to get to Harry’s room but meet James in the middle, who of course joins them.

They open the door to Harry’s room just to find Remus and Lily sitting on the bed with the most bored expressions on their faces. Harry looks down in shame and drops all the candy on the floor, but Lily just raises an eyebrow and goes

“Well? Aren’t you going to share?” An everyone eating their fill of candy just on Harry’s bed, and Sirius taking all the good stuff and running from the room and everyone chasing him around the house.

•When Harry turns seventeen the Marauder’s teach him to become an Animagus (and get registered). James is incredibly proud when he turns out to have a stag Animagus form as well.

Draco being terrified because he walks into Harry’s room over summer break and there’s a fucking deer casually chilling on his boyfriend’s bed like what

And Ron riding on Harry’s back to make a stupidly grand entrance picking Hermione up from her house in the middle of a muggle neighborhood

•Just the Marauders being alive please and thank you

A couple years ago I found this Odyssey book on the ground by an item donation box. Immediately I thought how lucky I was to have stumbled by this since it’s a classic and in good condition.

After flipping through the book, I noticed the side notes and highlighted dialogue. I wasn’t upset or anything because I understand someone might have used this book for school or something. its still a dope find regardless

As I read some of the notes, I noticed some slang like “dayum” and “cuz” as well as these V.V/>.>/0.0 faces. Must have been someone younger than me, I thought

Some doodles. haha i know that doodling feel bro

but even with these signs in front of me, I didn’t expect to find this….

Yup. That’s right. That’s Greece. From Hetalia. In a copy of The Odyssey.

Can I ever escape my dark past?

Nope. Apparently, I cannot.

(Nonetheless, cool drawing @ whoever drew it.)

Scribble-Doodle: Alec Fray #5

Set in my Alec Fray AU where Alec’s de-runed at 15 and he starts living with the Frays. Clary declares herself Alec Lightwood’s Guide to Real Life™.

(I chose the first rune a child receives to be enkeli based on Max’s first rune ceremony on the show, I’m aware that in the books, the first rune is different.)

It happens on a Friday afternoon, when Clary comes home from school, all ready to just drop off her things and rush out to meet Simon. But when she barges in, slamming the door shut - her mother would yell at her if she heard that! - she stops.

Because Alec’s sitting in the window seat, a place he’s claimed for himself the first day he was able to get out of bed, and he’s staring out of the window, at the busy street, hugging his knees and generally looking like he’s lost everything that mattered to him in the world. Which he did.

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I wanted to join in on the fun of snowbaz feda for the remaining 10 or so days I can, so here comes some crappy high school au for the sake of it. Thanks, @snowbaz-feda.

Based on a post that has this prompt :
// I accidentally grabbed your notebook and I found a crap ton of gay writings/doodles and they’re amazing. Wait, are those combinations of our names all over the pages? AU


I turn the corner near my Civics classroom and slam right into someone who was turning the corner the other way.

“Crowley!” they shout as we both fall backward, dropping all of their books on the floor as they do.

“You alright mate?” I ask, getting up from the spot where I fell and looking over to see who I bumped into.

It’s Baz.

I haven’t ever talked to him, but he looks like a vampire from a black and white movie. Old school Dracula, basically, widow’s peak and all. Well, minus the pale skin.

He doesn’t answer, instead reaching around him and starting to pick up the various objects that had fallen when we did.

While he works on a pencil pouch that happened to be open, I pick up one of his notebooks. Mine it reads, and because I’m nosy, and he isn’t looking, I open it.

I realize my mistake immediately.

The first page I see is a picture of two guys kissing. It’s amazingly done. It’s not just faces pressed together, it has emotion embedded into it. The long haired one has his hand resting lightly under the other boy’s chin as if the shorter one would break apart if he pressed any harder, and the one with moles is gripping onto the other’s shirt as if letting go would kill him.

I can’t seem to look away.

Instead, I ask, “Did you draw this?” as if it could be anyone else’s, because I can’t think of anything else to say.

He looks up, frightened and tries to take the notebook from my hand.

“Why are you looking at my stuff?”

I tear my eyes away from the paper and take a look at him.

His stance is really defensive, as if he’ll need to run away or throw a punch at any moment, and he’s not sure which.

“It’s alright, this is really good,” I tell him taking a step forward to comfort him.

He looks at me quizzically, but steps away.

“I-it is?”

“Sure. Who are these characters?”

I turn the page, and hear him yell, “No!” but I don’t connect the two.

Fatal mistake. It’s covered in doodles of my name. In hearts.

Oh. Oh. I flip back to the first page and realize the resemblance.

The shorter boy. I recognize those moles. Those are my moles.

And the other boy. He has long, soft, black hair that I definitely wouldn’t mind touching at some point in my life. The same hair I sometimes admire from the back of the classroom.

This picture is of Baz and me. Kissing.

I look up at him and he looks absolutely terrified. His forehead is all wrinkled up and I want nothing more than to reach up and smooth them out.

He starts off running, almost getting away from me, but I catch him by the arm.

We’re facing each other dead on, and he looks worried, but I don’t punch him, so he stays.

I look down at his lips. I can’t stop myself. They just look so soft.

“The picture is amazing” I breathe, and then take the sides of his face in my hands. He closes his eyes, and I kiss him.

End Up Here
5 Seconds of Summer
End Up Here

#61 End Up Here - 5 Seconds Of Summer | High School AU | His P.O.V


Everyone loves a little bit nerdy 5sos, right? Wrote this earlier whilst I was chilling at the pool, really loved Ashton’s part x

External image


My head spins

I’m pressed against the wall

Just watching your every move

You’re way too cool

And you’re coming this way

Coming this way

Pressing my foot against the lock of the troll I was having my hands on, I pressed hard enough for the lock to open letting me remove the troll from its usual place where people came and left to return the books they had borrowed - being too lazy to actually find the books original place. That was where my part came in, a couple of weeks ago one of the librarians had hung up a note saying they needed employees on the school library and since I had lack of money due to not having time enough for a real job, my mom thought - being a math teacher herself - that I should take it because what could be bad about working and studying in the same time; a win win situation as she said herself.

My mind was drifting away as I walked down one of the aisles, stopping up a couple of times to grab one of the books on the trolley and place them back on their original spot. I repeated the same action but stopped in track before I came to the end of the aisle, hearing a faint sound of girly giggles, my eyebrows increased, but I couldn’t get myself to look. I knew the giggle - too well than necessary.

I grabbed a book on the stall and to my theory Y/N and some of her friends were “studying” as they would call it, sharing chit chats with each other and draw doodles in their note books. I stared at them for more than necessary, admiring how calm they were when it came to school and stuff. Y/N threw some of her hair over her shoulder before standing up from the couch and heading towards where I was standing. Panic spread through my body and I almost threw the book I was holding back to its place before turning around back to my trolley just as she approached me.

 “Hey Luke.” She greeted, walking past me and over to one of the other shelves, looking around at the different titles probably trying to find a book. It was amazing to see her still greeting me with the same smiles she used to do when we were smaller. Back in kindergarten we used to be best friends – living next to each other being neighbors and our mothers – still – best friends. But as time passed and we started in high school, we choose different subjects to study which is a conclusion on where we’ve ended today. Y/N hanging around with the different jocks and being on the cheerleader team and well me spending more time than necessary in biology and math. But it wasn’t like we couldn’t talk together, Y/N always enjoyed to come up to me before lunch to chat, yet I always tended to forget what to say, so it was mostly her doing the talking.

I watched her as she stood on her tip toes, trying to grasp a book placed on one of the top shelves, but having the few inches she has it was rather difficult to reach. I zoned out from my daze before letting out a chuckle, walking over to her. “This one?” I asked standing behind her to grab the book she was reaching for. “Yes.” She said standing back on her heels, me grabbing the book for her before placing it in her hands. “Thanks Lukey.” She smiled before heading back to the other girls, my heart fluttering by the nickname. “What are you guys studying?” I blurted without realization. She held the book up for me to read the title and I mentally slapped myself for asking. “Psychology, right.” I mumbled, but she only chuckled at me as a reddish color appeared on my cheeks. “We should chat some more.” She smiled. “You have my number right?” She asked walking backwards with the book, before she disappeared into another aisle leaving me alone again.

 I stood frozen in my spot for a few seconds, still trying to register the words Y/N had said to me before I threw one of the books I held in my hand and onto the trolley, grabbing my phone from my pocket before unlocking it and going through the contact. “Of course I still have her number, why would’ve I deleted.” I thought to myself going through the different names when hers finally popped up. But what should I text. And why would she even wanna be in contact with me? 


My friends say I should lock you down

Before you figure me out and you run away

But you don’t and you wont as you kiss me

And you tell me that you’re here to stay

Rumbling through my locker, I tried to find my biology book, determined to find it before class would start. I let out a small groan with a roll in the eyes afterwards as I couldn’t find it, starting to pull every single thing out of my locker. “Need a little help here?” I looked away from my locker to see Ashley standing next to me, a small smile forming on her lips. I let out a sigh but formed a small smile afterwards as I placed some of my other books from my locker in her waiting arms, letting her hold them as I roamed through my stuff with easier access this time.

“What’s this?” She questioned, holding out a note that was usually used to be in the book so I could find the correct page but she had pulled it out looking questionable at me. I grabbed the note, squeezing my eyes to get a better look through my rimmed glasses. “It’s just an address.” I replayed casually and let out a smile as I finally found my biology book, placing it between my thighs so I could take my stuff away from Ashley and put it back in my locker. “Yeah I can tell but who’s?” She asked eyeing me skeptical as I filled my locker up and taking be note out of her hand, throwing it back to my locker.


 "That spoiled up cheerleader with lack of knowledge of other persons’ feelings? I thought you didn’t have to tutor her anymore?“

 I swallowed thickly as Ashley’s skeptical eyes were burning into mine waiting for answers. "We’re hanging out at times.” I scratched my neck nervously waiting for her rage move. Ashley didn’t say a word, the face expression that should have been madness was replaced with sympathy and sadness. “I think you should watch out Cal. You know girls like her. Takes the opportunity to manipulate people and afterwards crush them.”

My mouth turned dry as she spoke nodding my head along with her words. “You know, being hurt is last thing I want to happen to you.” She reassured. “I know.. But I don’t think Y/N’s like that.” I trailed off, not really knowing what to say. Ashley gave me a glare that said “Listen to yourself and think how ridiculous you sound right now” look but I could only shrug at her again. “I’m not saying that you should cut her off just..” “You kind of are.” I interrupted, putting the rest of my books into the locker. “Persons like us do not belong to persons like her. We have nothing in common with them so why interact with them?” “Because maybe some of them are different.” I eyed some of the jocks already looking over at Ashley and I, their smug looks never leaving. “Believe it yourself Cal.” She gave me one last smile with a shrug before she started to walk over to her own locker making me turn my attention back to place the books in my own.

“Hi Calum!” The sudden sound of Y/N send a jolt through my body making me almost drop my biology book from my hands but catching it by pressing my thighs against the lockers, having it pressed in between. I grabbed the book standing up straighter.

“Hi Y/N.” I mumbled quietly, watching Ashley’s back as her words repeated in my mind. “Same time today?” She asked biting her lip as she eyed me.

I was about to say no, telling her that things would be better if we stopped when things were still new before things would grow bigger into something that would be difficult to get out off, but as her soft lips connected with my cheek fast, my mind started to fuzz and all I could think about how fast her lips had left my skin.

She pulled away slightly, giggling my dazed state. I nodded my head repeatedly in a fast mode, thinking that if I did it faster it would probably fall off. “Good.” She smiled. “I’ll see you out in the parking lot after fifth period okay?” I nodded my head again with lest desperation as she gave me a wink turning on her heel before walking towards whatever class she was going to. I could feel my cheeks burn as the corners of my mouth turned upwards, but it faded when I caught Ashley’s attention again, her head shaking in a disappointed way, rolling her eyes at how easy I was to tear around a finger with. I gave her a shrug before throwing my bag pack over my shoulder, heading towards my biology class.


You walked in

Everyone was asking for your name

You just smiled

And told them “trouble”

Detention. That was definitely the last thing I expected would happen today when I woke up this morning. But a sudden fight in the hallway one of the jocks started including me ended up bad and a teacher had to pull us apart. I opened the door to the very unfamiliar room, seeing a few different people around the tables – people who were here as usual, causing either trouble in class or outside.

I felt ashamed as eyes felt on me, people giving me a questionable look as in why a person like me would be in a room like them. But here I was. I walked over to one of the tables being placed in the back of the class, trying to avoid the other people. A teacher came in through the door as I had taken a seat, scribbling something down on his notepad before looking towards up. “The rules are simple, you know them, no talking, no phones, you can’t leave before the detention is fully over, find some homework occupy yourselves.” He said it all in monotone before taking a seat at the teacher’s chair, grabbing out some assignments he could correct. I reached out for my bag on the floor, taking out some left over homework I had planned on making at home, taking out a pencil as well, placing it all on the table.

“Sorry I’m late.” A girl suddenly announced as she barked in through the door, taking both most of the students and the teacher aback. “What are you doing here?” The teacher asked confused yet curious, a girl like her wouldn’t even dare spending any time here.

“Detention.” She smiled through gritted teeth, showing the purple note in her hand before walking back to the nearest tables, taking a seat next to mine. A few glares were send towards her as she stared out in the air, crossing her arms. The stares didn’t leave making me rather uncomfortable, shifting lightly in my chair. Even though that they weren’t staring at me, it still had some effect.

I did as everyone else and took a look at the girl. Her hair was falling into her eyes as she stared down her table, her eyes opening and closing like she was having a hard time trying to stay awake. She seemed familiar, but I didn’t know from where I had seen her before. She lifted her gaze towards the people that were looking at her, a pinkish blush appearing on her cheeks as all eyes were on her. The teacher suddenly stood op making every student look back at him. “I’m going to the toilet.” He mumbled leaving the class. All eyes felt back to her in a questionable manor.

“Y/N what are you doing here?” A blue haired lad asked with a laugh.

That was it, she was Y/N Y/L/N, a girl I had science with when we were sophomores. She was the typical good girl, always making her homework and being smart herself, yet everyone seemed to like and be pleased about her. My eyes felt on her again, “I woke up too late this morning, didn’t catch the bus.” She shrugged, starting to grow tired by the constant staring.

“What about you what are you doing here?”

She suddenly turned her head towards me, giving me an odd stare. My mouth went dry as everyone started to look at me, waiting curiously for an answer as they saw my presence. “I uhm..” I stammered trying to speak up. “I was in a fight.” I trailed off, everyone’s eyes going wide inclusive Y/N. It seemed to be enough said as everyone else turned their heads back towards the blackboard but Y/N’s eyes kept on staring at my form.

I hesitantly looked over at her meeting her curious eyes. “Who started up a fight?” She asked quietly as she noticed the teacher coming back into the classroom. I looked back at the teacher in a fear of getting caught, taking my pencil in my hand before writing something down on my note. I showed her the name I had written on the paper and her eyebrows furrowed before fire filled in her eyes, letting her hand dip down in her pants pocket, taking out her phone. I eyed her as she started to type down something in a message before pressing send and sending it.

She gave me a small smile before placing her phone on her lap, starting to play some kind of app game. I teared my eyes away after a while trying to focus back on my homework but kept on catching myself as my eyes sneaked back to her, watching her every move.


Call me lucky ‘cause in the end

I’m a 6 and she’s a 10

She’s so fit

I’m insecure

But she keeps coming back for more

My eyes scanned the paper Mr. Flench just had delivered to the class, another boring math example - a perfect example on a brain washer compared to the lack of intelligence in this class. Not that people were dumb, they just seemed to push their academic skills away, replacing it with a typical high school mind, parties, alcohol and what so ever being the only important topic.

My eyes gazed the paper and a small smirk formed to my lips. The test was easy but when my eyes scanned the crowd around me people were either scratching their heads in confusion or staring at the paper blankly, probably wishing for the assignment to fix itself.

The pencil I was holding right above the empty space where the answer should be written was making circular motions in the air as my brain was working for an answer. The pencil stopped when the math example was clear in my mind and I started to scribble down the answer after answer. My brain was working fast as I was progressing well in the assignment but it all stopped when the sound of the door opening interrupted - a faint sound of “Sorry I’m late” appeared.

My mind stopped and so did my pencil.

My mouth was going dry as I looked blankly at the paper, my mind fuzzing and thinking about everything but the assignment in front of me.

Snap out of it Ashton.

The feeling of a present next to me appeared and someone took a seat next to me making my heart flutter. Y/N took out a pencil case from her bag, roaming through it before she grabbed a black and pink pencil letting it fiddle between her fingers, chewing on her bottom lip as Mrs. Hemmings passed out a paper to her, placing it on her desk as she leaned forward to look at it, some of her bangs going in front of her eyes. She knotted her eyebrows before rolling her eyes and leaned back in the chair again. Math was never her favorite subject if she could get through with a D she would be happy.

I tried to tear my eyes away from her and back to the paper but I caught myself every fifth second, my eyes scanning back to her. She looked blank - or lost to be more exact. The way her mouth slightly parted as she read a question, her eyebrows furrowing when she didn’t understand. I mentally slapped myself when I did it yet again, returning my eyes back to the paper, my brain starting to progress the questions again.

“I don’t get this.” She mumbled, probably more to herself than me but it made me raise my head anyways, flipping my curly locks in front of my classes away. My mouth was open as I stared at her but no words came out as she looked up at me with a timid and confused gaze, looking at me extremely vulnerable with a hint of shouting “help”. I was the only one knowing about her problem - the only one who knew how much she actually sucked about this, how much numbers made her head go numb with confusion, and how much she hated to talk about others with it.

I hesitated for a moment before letting my arm sneak under hers, my pencil making circles around the correct answers on her paper as I tried to make it look as secret as possible not wishing to get any trouble with cheating. I finished making the last circle on the first page - that would make sure she would at least pass on the test, and removed my arm so I could lean back in my own seat again, going back to my own paper.

But my body jolted with a buzz as I felt her hand on my thigh, looking hesitantly up at her. As our eyes met she formed a shy yet happy smile before mouthing “Thank you”, making my heart flutter even more. I know I shouldn’t be doing it, giving the correct answers to her under every task wouldn’t help her in the end but the smile of hers always told me otherwise. She made my heart flutter more than anything else in life with such a small action. But there was always that little devil in the back of my mind telling me that it would bite me in the ass in the end. That she would trick me and stamp on my feelings in the end. I teared my eyes away from hers and back to the paper, her hand keeping on resting on my thigh throughout the class but I never determined to touch her hand with my own, I couldn’t dare to do it in a fear of rejection.


OK SO i got SUPER into the be more chill musical lately nd i was like OH SHIT DUDE THERES A BOOK BETTER GO CHECK IT OUT so i did nd it was BAD like no joke this book isnt well written but it is so incredibly weird that I’m more than half done with it ( LIKE ANYONE WHO’S READ THE BOOK KNOWS ABOUT THE BEANIE BABY CHAPTER AND THE BROOKE BEHIND THE SCHOOL ENCOUNTER AND HOW WEIRD THT SHIT WAS )

BUT I’ve been reading it with my friends and drawing up some things and some parts of my favorite parts of the start of the book because JESUS JEREMY do you even know what subtlety is (no he doesnt hes a theatre kid)


My dad is always so confused about why people are giving taylor crap over everything because the taylor he knows is the one that’s hung up all over the walls of my childhood bedroom and the one who I literally grew up with, talking about her all the time, blaring her from my stereo at all hours of the day. The girl who’s fearless CD he surprised me with when I was 15 and he was supposed to take me to Walmart after he got home from work but he already had it for me when I got out of school and the girl he watched a whole tour DVD of (speak now) with me over one Christmas break. The girl who’s lyrics I was constantly doodling on on our printer paper and the girl my grandma always called to give me a heads up about a tv appearance even though I already knew and had booked myself the living room with the big screen. The girl who’s responsible for me learning how to play guitar. The girl who’s face is on most of my Christmas gifts every year (especially the ones from my gma because taylor has always been a special thing between the two of us). Like it makes sense, he doesn’t get it because to him taylor is this sweet girl that has meant the world to his daughter for 10 years. He’s seen me go through relationships and friends and graduate college over this time but one thing that hasn’t changed in my life is taylor. I’m 24 now and I know that some people think that has to mean that she can’t possibly mean the same thing to me as she did when I was 16 but she does. This is what I want to freaking scream at people that treat her terribly. I know they aren’t us and I know they don’t understand and I’m sad for them that they didn’t have such a special person to grow up with but I literally just typed this through tears because that is how much she means to me. So everyone please back the fuck up.

Some doodle drawing from school on my book~
Joyce by @bettinalevyisdetermined / @re-joyce-askblog
Roman by @undertsums / @kana-tokisho
Traveler!Frisk by @nvart1
So……….I know that Roman and Joyce know each other and already best friends (which I know that from @bettinalevyisdetermined blog)
So Roman and traveler!frisk already met and quickly become friends (which is when I saw drawings of Roman and traveler!frisk on @nvart1 blog!) So I imagined of Roman show Traveler!Frisk to Joyce and Traveler!Frisk is very shy
So……..enjoy! ^♢^

So I was looking through my sketchbooks and I honestly forgot that a doodles Greg with a mushroom hat based off that one pic from the art book I guess? Idk thought I might share it since I’m not a plethora of content atm. Plus Greg’s cute so that’s a bonus.

anonymous asked:

how long had you been drawing for? i used to draw bunches when i was little then gradually stopped all together after high school because i felt like my art was pretty shit compared to my friends who were amazing. seeing your recent drawings really make me want to get back into it!

I never really… drew? I just kind of doodled in my school exercise books. I did some life-drawing classes about 18 years ago, but they were more about form and dynamic lines than anything else. I don’t think I really learnt much from them (except how weird everyone looks naked). 

I have no yard-stick to compare myself to, really, because i’m just drawing for fun, and it is fun. It’s fun experimenting with things :)

Morning warm up doodle of Madame Lefoux from Parasol Protectorate. I imagined her rather differently than what the manga portrayed. More handsome than cute.

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Every artist has a weakness, and that is their very old cringey drawings. Do you by any chance have a old or maybe one of your very first drawings to share with us? :3c

I would never be able to find you one of my first drawings, from what I heard I used to doodle stuff when I was REALLY young but I don’t think my parents kept them

I was going to show you stuff I did in middle school (I actually have like 3 huge folders where I keep hundreds of old drawings) when I remembered I actually had older stuff than these somewhere in the house

These are drawings I did when I was 8 or 9 years old (it was a poetry book and we needed to illustrate each poetry)

Not to brag but this is definitely the same level as Michelangelo

  • (my) studying aesthetics: staying up till dawn, getting carried away and having fun while solving math problems, falling in love with the characters of a story, iced caramel macchiatos because i'm too weak for real coffee, checking my phone for notifications when i get bored, dreaming of life after high school, imagining unrealistic success in my future career, unknowingly doodling at the edge of the page, perfect handwriting metamorphosing into lazy scribbles, eyes drooping and muscles aching, wondering how much time i've wasted on just one problem, switching from subject to subject when i'm frustrated, questioning why my notes aren't pretty, spilling drinks and food all over my books, music blasting from my headphones, taking useless hour long study breaks, regretting taking those study breaks, glasses slipping down my nose, seeing the sun and thinking “holy shit,” head hurting and accidentally falling asleep on top of my study materials, sleeping through twenty alarms, waking up late and forgetting everything from the night before.