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Sherlock Holmes/Elementary-inspired au:

  • Andrew Minyard - brilliant, clever, possessor of an incredible eidetic memory, and overall asshole - is the police department’s most successful consultant 
    • he is also the one that pisses off the most people
  • when Neil Josten, on the run, low on funds, and in desperate need to find a living arrangement that doesn’t involve background/credit checks meets him, the first thought in his mind is “fuck, no, I’m not living with him”
  • three hours later, the papers are signed and Neil’s living with him
  • for his part, Andrew was able to figure out that there was something off about Neil instantly
    • it didn’t take someone of his caliber to figure out that Neil was on the run from something
    • it didn’t take much deductive reasoning to figure out that “Neil Josten” is a lie
    • regardless, he’s interesting, and that’s infinitely better than being bored
      • “I’m not a math problem”
      • ”I’ll still solved you”

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This whole thing looked way funnier in my head (as are all my original posts tbh) I’m sorry. Also a thing I notice from time to time is that people keep deleting my original captions, which is 10000% NOT COOL, so don’t do it. Like at first I’m like oh it’s just a caption who cares, but now for some reason it irritates me so don’t

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Hup. Here he is. My newest son and an addition to the red army. I love him so much. I don’t really have much for him yet but here he is. He’s super cool (lmao not really. He’s just a dork) I’ll probably just be working a whole bunch on him all night or something. Whatever.