I would like to thank @alphakade for the suggestion of making these two brothers! Twins, even! (But here, this is just an AU where they know that they are twins. The real (WIP) one is somewhat the same, but the two galras have no idea that they’re brothers)

New idea: 

The two were taken at the human age of 13-ish and were basically treated the same way that Shiro and the Holts did. But instead of fighting one by one like how Shiro did, the empire made the two together by handcuffing them and then throwing them into the arena to fight. Ever since then, no one sees the brothers w/o any contact, like those sibs who get panic attacks when they’re both separated from each other.

Then they try and escape the same way that the rumored “Champion” did, before bumping into the paladins later on.

Also; their tails in the last panel are hidden within their suits, because ever since they were “promoted”, the two never allow anyone to see their tails…until later of course.

forgot i also had these lying around. today is a doodly day cause I aint feeling much for it, might be getting a bit sick. =m=)/ 
but yeh, dEMON HUNTER MEI… ends up befriending the big scary bad guys terrorising town and turns out they’re a lot friendlier than they’re credited for. just a bit bitey and murdery and sharp and screamy, but HEY. cultural difference.

also dont think i ever mentioned demon!Hog has a small fuzzy tail, but he do. it wiggles.