Ink and Pencil Drawings Conceal Human Faces In Maps

UK artist Ed Fairburn uses maps as his canvas to create beautiful and intriguing ink and pencil drawings. The maps’ details, roads and geographical markings give each subject texture, which resembles the veins and skin. Overall the presence of a highly intricate material underneath provide an abstract setting for his realistic work.

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Aw You drew Pete Kissing Joe?!? Wheres Patrick? No offence but you would have WAY more followers if you drew it with Patrick instead. You tottally should draw that to celebrate the VMAs,

Oh dude you’re totes right, Here i fixed it and drew it with Patrick instead, In honor of the VMAs.

You where talking about Joe/Patrick right?

this comic was way funnier in my head? Aw well.

Ill just sit here and wait for all those followers you mentioned