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Bakugou did not introduce Kirishima on the special page of volume 23.I'm shocked and sad but your new Kiribaku comic raises my spirits.

dont worry, bakugo didn’t introduce him cus he didn’t want everyone to know how he feels about him… yet.

the exterior of The Mochi Shoppe!! 

of course the house is actually bigger and extends farther back, but i wanted to show the snippet of the central area between mochi and limes houses (mochis room is on the second floor with the purple flower window plant!!)

both Mochi’s and Lime’s family shops share the outside with the tables, and they got tired of fighting over space so now they just have some poles with ropes hanging to separate each other’s sides.  

the door to the left of the shop leads to Mochis backyard, where the greenhouse and storage room is (also where they hang their laundry). it also leads to the trellis on the side of the house that Lime climbs up to get into Mochis room.  

Their shops are usually crowded with people due to the scenic view right outside the shop, except on Sundays when they close, which is usually when mochi and lime eat snacks/lunch and hang out on the tables outside and watch the ocean!!!!