Samezuka Kisses

(You demanded Samezuka death when Iwatobi Kisses came out. I’m running out of handsome-men-lines, forgive me.)


(EDIT) Dunno how many time y’all asked for this:


“I’d be very grateful if you look at the camera.”

(I missed them both so much I got so happy when I saw this. So…)

((and I missed so many things here so it’s a lousy redraw cuz for crying out loud, it’s morning TT U TT P.S. the pic ain’t mine~))


(Hot bod and hot boys, YAP. She’s the luckiest girl on earth. CAN I BE GOU? I WANNA BE GOU

Ok ok a lot requested for Gou to have a kisses doodle just like Iwatobi and Samezuka. But I said I had something in mind for her Uw U but apparently overdid it)