This is/was going to be part of a larger thing. I didn’t want to commit it to paper so I took a cellphone photo of the sketch and started drawing over it in SAI. And then I didn’t stop. GOOD LIFE DECISIONS.

It is 5 AM and I do not feel like talking about their business, but tl;dr their names are Quinn and Liam and they are terrible which seems to be a running theme for me.

Also originally Quinn was a ginger, now he’s a brunette, but he is forever a grump with gapped front teeth.

I’ve been in a funk for the past week, so I am hoping that doing some quick drawings will help me feel better!

Last night I had a dream where superheroes and villains were no longer allowed to use their powers and they all complied for some reason? And they had to attend a reform camp where they had to learn to coexist/reintegrate into society/be human. The villains were honestly trying to get along but the heroes were being complete dicks to them. :( By the end of the dream, the villains said FUCK IT and went back to being evil.

The dream followed this guy who was a hero initially, and I am pretty sure he was an android. He really liked this one hero but all of them were dicks to him since he was on friendly terms with villains, so when the villains went back to being evil, he defected to help them out.