Project Children’s Story Anthology is Almost Done!
November 3, 2013

Hello everyone! So, basically, Project CSA is an anthology that aimed to provide an avenue for Tumblr writers to reach out to children from orphan homes, and public schools and hospitals, and the like by sharing their pieces with these kids.This book, composed of poems and prose, wants to inspire the children, and even other aspiring writers, to give writing a shot not just as a form of self expression but also as a form of communication to different people in our society - that writing has the capability to appeal to the emotion, to reshape reality, and to influence thinking and perception.

And now, we are also opening this book to aspiring doodle artists. We believe at Project CSA that writing is not just the only way for children to express and communicate. Through drawing, children can also tap their inner thoughts and feelings as they brush and sketch their imagination out. We need 6 awesome doodle pieces. We will put these doodles in our anthology, which will be having its book launch, together with Piso Para Kay Toto’s charity program, on November 10 at the Children’s Ward of the Philippine Orthopedic Center.

So, if you have the passion and the courage to inspire the children through your doodle pieces, just submit a clear high quality (preferably 2480x3508 or 1480x2508 pixels) digital copy of your doodle, and attach a 50-word description of yourself plus your first and last name (which will be put in the “About the artist section). You can also attach an acknowledgment if you want, but it must not be more than 100 words all in all. You will see your doodle published together with our poems and prose! Hooray! Another thing, be sure that your doodle is in black and white, so that the children can also color it if they want to. You can also submit old or published doodles, as long as they are as awesome as you.

So, deadline is tomorrow, November 4, at 6:00 in the afternoon. Just submit your pieces here at Tumblr through my Fan Mail. Okay? I am excited! And by the way, not all of the doodle pieces of everyone who will submit will be chosen, of course, because we also need to pick the 6 best among the best doodles. Okay? Thank you very much!

Spread the word! I am really excited, hooray! For the children! I guess this is a great gift for yourself and for the children (or the society if you want to be deep), this coming Christmas!

Thank you!

cover © Charles Icasiano


Hello Doodlekada! Ang astig nitong babaeng ‘to. Let’s watch this and get some Monster ideas to draw. :“>


Nung una talaga hindi ako interesadong sumali sa mga KADA pero may nagtulak lang sa’kin na sumali sa DOODLEKADA kase nga alam nilang hilig ko ang mag drawing. Ewan ko ba kung bakit pero nagustuhan ko ‘yung kada na ‘yun. Haha. Do’n ko hindi naramdaman ang hindi ko pagka O.P kase pare pareho kami ng hilig ng bawat isa hindi katulad ng ibang kada na nasalinan ko halos ma-O.P ako kaya napilitan akong mag-quit. Dito talaga da best! HAHAHAHA. ;>.


Dahil wala naman talaga akong magawa kanina during my Econ class, I made these doodles nalang. Just for fun naman kasi. Sobrang boring kanina eh, as in like it seems like free time namin yun eh. “1005” is my homeroom and, of course, “M” stands for Maika. Hahaha. :3 I know it’s not that good, it’s been a while since I made a doodle.